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May 13th - Optoma 3D Projector Package

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Today's Show:
It's hard to get the full effect of a 3D movie on a standard TV screen. There's something about being in a movie theater, where the screen takes up the entire wall, that allows the 3D to really come to life. Trying to get that big screen, IMAX feel on a home TV can be challenging. But what if you could watch 3D at home on a giant projection screen? Would that make it worth making the jump into 3D? more...

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That would be impossible unless ya owned the whole block...
You're gonna need a screen that's at least 300ft wide by 100ft tall.
Not to mention a 15.1 surround sound system pumpin' out like 500,000 watts!
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It really is all about perspective. I have no misconceptions that my tiny living room can completely replicate the movie theatre experience. Overall, however, I was very pleased with the sound and the picture at home. The one area which was lacking was the 3D effect. I could see it, but it wasn't immersive.

Then one night my wife was stretched out on the couch, and I didn't have a place to sit. So I got a chair and put it in front of the couch, about 5 feet closer to the screen, and that caused my 65" Panny to completely fill my field of vision. The 3D effect was MUCH more realistic - enough that it surprised me.

I certainly couldn't afford a 100 inch plasma even if they made one, but this one non-technical adjustment did seem to make a big difference! Now I just need a sticky floor and expensive popcorn and I'm pretty closer to the theatre experience.
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Yes it would be great at home. Now get ready to pay. You need a big screen with a high gain ($$$) and/or a pj with lots of brightne$$. Oh and glasses.
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Would that make it worth making the jump into 3D?
Yes if I had $50k burning a hole in my pocket.

Let's face it, to get the best 3D experience you need to see a movie at a theater.
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Optoma GT720 2500 lumen, Optoma 3D-XL 3D adapter, 100" 16:9 Glass Bead Screen.
I come up with a figure of less than £800. Not tens of thousands.
A home cinema projector in a dedicated room easily outperforms every commercial cinema I have been to. I would expect the same to be true of 3D.
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I'm with dovercat. You can get a great 3d experience with a 3D capable projector and a 110" screen. Several manufacturers are offering 3D projectors and according to the reviews, some are pretty good already. There will probably be a whole new crop of 3D projectors come the fall with even better technology. I for one can't wait to upgrade my 2D projector for a 3D model.
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its realy awsome i realy enjoy that
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Now get ready to pay.
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Well it s a great offer to have a 3D movie effect in home while enjoying the previews of a giant screen.
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