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The Misfits remastered?

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Was wondering if anyone knows whether this title was remastered?

Or, if anyone has seen it, would you mined sharing your opinion? Thanx!
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I haven't seen any reviews on the upcoming Blu-ray but there is another great Robert Siegel writeup on the Blu-ray.com site:

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I really like this movie so I purchased the BluRay version and was very happy with the picture quality. Because the aspect ratio is 1:66 x 1 very skinny black pillar bars display on each side of the movie. The sound was DTS Mono which is okay for a talky movie with no special effects.
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OK. Thanx for reply's!
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I checked out the article mentioned above. The last line of article states, "The film has been remastered for the MGM The Misfits Blu-ray release coming out on May 10th."
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Looks excellent. I've never seen it before, but I like John Huston (save for The Bible...) so I'll get it, it's cheap enough anyway. Terrible cover art though.
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I had the same reaction. I've never viewed this film before, but that transfer looks very strong. Have added to my buy list.
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Image and sound are very good. Get it if you like the film.
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Watched the film again recently on TCM. It doesn't fully work, but it has definite historical significance. You might not find it has immense repeat viewing appeal, however.
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No, this was not remastered for the new box set.
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