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I have a new HT setup and just noticed that when I use my notebook PC as the input to my AVR I usually get random white pixels showing up in dark areas of the image. Sometimes I may get a complete line of these blinking white pixels along the top edge o f the screen.
This occurs when I have an image with dark sections on the screen or during dark sections of a video, or even on sections of the Windows desktop.
The notebook is set to 1080p, the Denon AVR has all input settings set as auto yet I have tried turning off some auto settings and the Samsung LCD TV is a 1080 resolution TV. I have eliminated the cable as the problem as the problem does not exist at all when I connect the notebook PC directly to the TV using the same cable as the AVR usually uses to connect to the TV.

Equipment used:
TV: 52 Samsung LCD TV: LN52B550
AVR: Denon 2311CI
Notebook Computer: Acer Aspire 5552G-5828

Any help would be appreciated.