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I'm not much of a poster, but I have been reading this forum for a number of years. And as much talk as I see people doing about the HB-1 and HC-1, I am suprised to see there was no owners thread. So here it is.

I chose to take a look at the Hsu speakers for several reasons. First was the psoitive experience I have had listening to there Subs. Second was the positive reviews I found around the internet. And third was that, it seemed that everyone (in the various web forums) that purchased them (even those that returned them), thought they were worth the price paid (or more).

So without using a bunch of adjectives that will have different meanings to different readers, I'll just say: I bought, I listened, I liked, I kept.

I wall mounted the HB-1s using the AM-40 side clamping mounts and the AM-15 for the HC-1.