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Originally Posted by blackssr View Post

Funny you should mention Buicks. I actually owned a 1987 Grand National (not GNX) back in the day. I wish I still had it today. :-(. I traded it in for a 1993 Corvette Ragtop.

I currectly own a Challenger SRT8 and C6 Corvette Convertible (garage queen)which I am thinking of Supercharging for that extra rush. :-).

What do you think of the ZR1 Corvette? A friend of mine just purchased one and took me for a ride.. Insane acceleration. That car never stops pulling when pushed hard...Kudus to GM on that one. A world beater for cheap.

I just got back for Barrett Jackson Auction last month. I have been looking for a 1970 Superbird 426 Hemi (only 135 were fitted with that legendary motor) to add to my list of useless toys :-). I have been looking for several years now but most are already restored and are asking big bucks. I would like one in good shape, not show quality, so that I can do a Rotisserie Restoration myself and keep forever. Eventually, I will give in, and just pay for one already restored ( I just inherited a 60 ft Sea Ray Express Cruiser that I plan to sell when the market comes back) and call it a day. It is the most desirable Muscle Car ever made.....My quest continues.....

Check this site out.... It make me cry when I see these classics rusting away... some people just do not get it and never will. http://www.carsinbarns.com

I've never had the chance to ride in a Zr1 but I bet it's pretty sweet! I've had a few different Grand Nationals but my current 86 T-type is my favorite. The only difference is the seats and console. My regal had all the GN options put on at the factory but the seats and the console is different. Very rare to have it optioned out that way.
The fastes car I've ever personally been in that is street legal is my friends 98 4wd talon. As dumb as it sounds lol. It's got 1200 hp and will do the 1/4 in a flat 7.50 seconds. twin turbo, the whole 9 yards. They figure they've put 100K into that car lol. It's ok though, he's loaded and this is just his boot around in toy lol. Must be nice!!
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I'm also into cars.

I have a 2002 Honda S2000 that I work on myself. I just put a supercharger into it, as well...took 22 hours!
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All this airsoft talk makes me want to get back into ipsc shooting

but this guy takes all my time
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^ Your boy is too cute. I remember Jake used to react that way. Gotta love little kids, they're the best. My son is just about 3 now and man does the time fly by.

As for any other hobbies I have, I love to read my Kindle, home theater naturally, and well not a whole lot else lately. I gear my free time around when I have my son so he takes up the vast majority of my time. Not like I'm complaining though, it's great to help him explore new things and experiences. I will say that I used to be big time into telescopes and astronomy before I found home theater and gaming lol. I might get back into it some day, just haven't found the time.
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If anybody still interested here is my M14 EBR conversion. What a PITA it was since the original flash hider would not come off' I had to cut the outer barrel at the flash hider off to get the stuff needed for the EBR conversion. I had to use the outer barrel from the EBR kit but I still have the longer inner barrel from the original M14, that's why there is a suppressor on the end. The SOB weighs in at over ~15lbs with everything shown. Now I have to find a barrel extension, at least with this WE gun the thread is neg 14 so it will easier to find the part. Everything fitted like a glove and zero slack not like the original stock which had some play. Funny is that the RS Sage EBR kit was only a hundred dollars more then this WE lic Sage airsoft kit.

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How is your gas efficiency in the cold climate, Tinker?
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Originally Posted by Scott Simonian View Post

How is your gas efficiency in the cold climate, Tinker?
Not great but not as bad as most AEG user would claim. I drop about 20-40fps when the temps get cold, less the 15c but then I get it all back and then some when the temps are over 25c (one vid on youtube shows a stock WE SCAR at 500+fps at 80+f). When chrono with .20bbs at 20-22c my M4 is 380-400fps, SCAR is 420-440+fps (putting a RA-tech N-Pas unit to tame it for 350-400fps adjustable) and the M14 was 350-380fps, all with propane. I norm only use one fill per mag load and then recycle.
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I usually top off gas after each mag too. Sounds like you still get great performance in the cold weather. Awesome!
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For the few that are still interested.

Here is a slight update. I added a butt stock pouch to the end of the EBR. This make the cheek rest a lot more comfortable then the polymer cheek piece on the EBR. I also replace the suppressor that was in the other EBR pic with a more size appropriate one that is meant for a 7.62 rather then a 5.56. Still using the shorter outer barrel of the EBR with the longer inner barrel of the M14. I am waiting on a outer barrel extension for the EBR to make it a long looking sniper (just cosmetics since the inner barrel is still the same long length) but its caught up in the postal strike along with a bunch of other stuff I ordered. At least the new suppressor hides everything for now.

Note the size diff of the two suppressors.

ADD: the suppressors do lessen the sounds from a GBB a slight bit (they can/are foam filled in Canada), but the blow back bolts on all my GBBRs makes more noise tho. On my CQB SCAR I use a Noveske sound amp rather then a suppressor. Makes that gun sound nastier in a close environment. With the field M4 I swap back and forth between a Noveske and the standard M4 bird cage flash hider. I rarely use a suppressor with the M4 and never with the SCAR.

ADD2: one probm with the foam lined suppressors is that they can collect some of the gas that is expelled out of the front of the barrel. Propane can stink so an airing out is needed after a while.
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Crazy guns! I have a buddy into guns and stuff. I on the other hand love collecting and play board games, you know, the hobby did before TV and video games.

Golfing, rich mans sport, but oh so fun... Also love racing my WRX!
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Originally Posted by binici View Post

Crazy guns! I have a buddy into guns and stuff. I on the other hand love collecting and play board games, you know, the hobby did before TV and video games.

Golfing, rich mans sport, but oh so fun... Also love racing my WRX!

Note that these are airsoft guns and not RS guns...

I did the golf thing for many years, but I just up and stopped once I retired.... The opposite of what most pple do...
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Cars are definitely a major hobby for me. Here are some pics of a 2007 Noble M400 that I acquired a few months ago. It is number 215 out 221 cars built from 2004-2007. After I bought the car, I sent it to a guy in Florida to do some modifications to it. Stock the car had 345 wheel horsepower. Now it has 488 to the wheels (this is about 585 at the motor). The car only weighs slightly more than 2300 pounds after the full custom race exhaust was installed. The power to weight ratio is just insane.

This was my Superformance Cobra that I had prior to the Noble. It was a great car with its Roush 427R stroker motor with 550 crank horsepower. This car had a great power to weight ratio, too, but it can't touch the Noble. The Cobra was only getting 403 horsepower to the ground (very restrictive side pipes even though they are loud), and it weighs nearly 200 pounds more. Also, the Noble is much easier to drive and it handles out of this world. But you don't buy a Cobra for those reasons! Anyway, you can see the pic of my wife giving the Cobra the thumbs down cause she did not like it so much . That was the day I sold the Cobra and the Noble search ensued. Yes, she likes the Noble!

The pic below shows a good comparison of the sizes of a Cobra and a new Challenger

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Wow nice rides...bet everytime you go for a drive it gets expensive with the cops stopping you every chance they get...
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Other hobbies? Well, I love the JCW Mini I have. I used to read a lot, but not so much. I've done some side programming stuff for fun and not profit but would like to start getting into WP7 development.

The big thing right now is family. Wife and 2 children = not much me time. What little I do get is down time, movies, reading and gaming.

Once we get our non-mortgage debt paid off (only a student loan left as of late next month) I'd love to get a pilots license and lose all sense of having spare cash to punching holes in the sky. This is further pushed by my 2.5 year old son loving airplanes since he was just over 1. (He "chased" one across the driveway at about 14 months pointing at the sky and still loves them.)
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Hawkwing - Dayum! Awesome cars and a knockout of a wife... I officially hate you.
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No kidding, wow. I love Noble. The M400 is a badass car. Definitely one of the best values in super car performance for far less. That thing can outright beat a 360 Stradale and possibly a F430 (stock, not the Challenge version or the Scuderia). Beautiful car. My fav is still the M12 though.

Oh, and beautiful wife.
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Into autos as well, although nothing as exotic as the Noble...

Infiniti G35

My wife is absolutely stunning as well but if I posted a pic of her on the net without her consent I would be sleeping in the G35 for a week.

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Same here... Always loved cars.
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Hey thanks for all the compliments guys!
Nice cars there DaGamePimp and blackssr. At one time I had 2001 triple black convertible Vette and then got a 2003 Millennium Yellow Z06 that I special ordered. The C5's where great cars. Never did get a C6 even though I really like 'em. I also have owned a 1967 fastback Mustang and a 1967 Camaro.
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Call me old fashion...I like the Cobra. Just a pure raw sports car. Not an every day ride tho. Just for those special occasions...like every sunny week end....
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Here is a pic for the person who asked about the size of the guns. Long, medium and short, yes I did put a suppressor on the SCAR. The M4A1 and SCAR L inner barrels ends about where the suppressor starts. The M14 EBR inner barrel is a bit further in the suppressor. Its just how the mount on the Surefire suppressor works, it over laps the outer barrel a bit.

Hurt my back so not playing at all at this pt in time...
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For those that are still interested in airsoft stuff. Here is my newest toy. An Elcan Specter DR 1-4 replica. The reticule is not 100% correct. The cosmetics for the civ version is diff but the replica looks correct for the Mil spec version (except for red dot light brightness labels on selector are reversed on this replica). This replica is suppose to be switchable from 1 and 4 like the real one, but I feel that it is more 0.75 and 2.75 (3?) instead. It has red and green dot option and constant cross hair image. The real steel one can be selected for red dot with a cross hair image or a lighted cross hair and the cross hair image is slightly different then the replica (the replica X-hair is more ACOG like then RS Elcan style). This is one of the most expensive replica sights that I have bought for airsoft (RS ~$2K-3Kcdn, replica ~$300cdn). I def put a flip up holo lens protector in front of the sight to protect it .

ADD: according to shop where I got the replica, he sold a few to RS shooters and it's suppose to support zeroing with 5.56 (?) and is shock proof (?). Time will tell...

The Replica

Real Steel Mil spec

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Another airsoft post. I picked up a G&P "C8A1" (Canadian version M4A1). G&P is suppose to be one of the best AEG gun makers. Well 1st impressions. The G&P feels like a toy when compared to the WE M4. The G&P just feels small, also a lot lighter then the WE. I will post some pics after I pimp out the G&P.

Some specs on the G&P C8

Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 770mm / 850mm
Muzzle Velocity: 430fps (0.2BB)
Weight: 3000g
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Inner Barrel Length: 14.5"
Gearbox: 8mm Bearing Gearbox
Motor: G&P M160 Hi-torque
-Canada Type Metal Body (GP705)
-M16 Magazine (130rds) (GP094)
-M4A1 6 Position Sliding Buttstock (Black) (GP379)
This product has been heavily customized for the Canadian Market, the build quality has been made to sustain 430-450fps with 0.20g out of the box.

I couldn't use the really old batteries I borrowed to test since the G&P requires DEAN connectors and all I had were Tamiya ones and no DEAN adapters. DEAN parts on the way, two G&P 7.4v 1200mAh Li Po Dean batteries, FireFox 7.4V 1600mAh 20C Li Po, a Prometheus 6.03 Stainless Tightbore 363mm inner barrel, ten G&P 130rds mid caps and two LONEX-MAG-M4360 360rds Hi-caps are on the way. The battery is stored in the buffer tube in the stock so only small LiPo batteries will fit. I might run a larger battery outside on the stock using a sim butt stock pad/pouch that I have on my M14 EBR to store the larger battery.

Now I rem why I didn't like AEGs after using the GBBRs. Too complicated. The WE and my other GBBRs are 100% scale to the RS guns and the G&P (and other AEGs) is close.

I got the AEG because the pple here uses them almost 100%. Hate having to carry all the mags with the GBBR to get the 300 rounds (10 mags) limit while others run around with one hi-cap or three mid caps for most games. But for pure mil sims I will still use the GBBR guns. If you want close to realism then GBBRs are the way to go but if you want quick action then AEGs would be my pick.
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Wow, awesome car and wife ...

I'm into cars also but I feel pretty lowballer with my 2010 WRX compared to you guys

I guess my other hobbies would be music,sports and photography.
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My old hobby used to be programming, but now that I do that for a living, I don't want to do it at home so much. Now I play guitar as my main hobby. I don't know if you'd call it a hobby, but I've also got season tickets to the local hockey team and follow the Nashville Predators religously.
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I have a few non-gaming hobbies, though most of them have taken a serious hit since my boy/girl twins were born last year (quite literally...their first birthday is a week from tomorrow!).

I'm also into cars, in particular sport sedans. I had a 2004 Audi S4 6MT but traded it in a year ago against a 2010 Infiniti G37S 6MT just before the twins were born. Not the 500+HP rides some folks are showing here, but a very fun car and a great bang-for-the-buck proposition.

I'm a pretty fanatical homebrewer. What started as a lightweight hobby grew into an obsession over the years. I have anywhere from 5-10 beers on tap or in bottle at any given time and probably send as much off for competition as I consume, if not more.

I used to do some programming on the side, but as someone else said above, that's also my full-time day job, so by the time I get home I generally want a change of pace.

I ride a mountain/trail bike as often as I can on local trails around Austin. There are two that I can ride directly into from my house and my office is on an entrance to the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

I love to read and at any given time am reading one book/series on my eReader and listening to another audio book/series while riding my bike. The latter lets me combine two of my hobbies from a time investment standpoint which is VERY important with as many "hobbies" as I have!
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More airsoft related stuff for those who are interested.

Wow, the G&P C8A1 out of the box is shooting 450-470+fps using 0.20g BBs with a rate of fire of 884-890rpm. Power by a Intellect 7.4v 1200mAh LiPo battery. I just hope the spring will settle down after a little more shooting else I will have to put a m110 in it or get the RA-Tech AATS installed (it's a variable valve adjustment device for AEGs, waiting on RA-Tech to have them in stock). The barrel comes stock as tightbore 6.03 so the I didn't need to get the Prometheus 6.03. Added a VLTOR Crane stock (non battery type), mainly to get a closed back instead of the open hole of the standard M4 LE stock, this way I can change the battery easily with out having to remove the buffer tube stopper to insert the battery (real PITA with its tiny allen key that will be def lost in the field). I can just leave the buffer tube end stopper off since the VLTOR is closed back. I also added a Daniel Defence 7" Omega rail, ACOG 4x. flip up scope protector, a Troy Industry rear battle sight and a Noveske KX3 sound amp flash hider. Some temp cheap rail covers and cheap fore grip. This gun is loud for an AEG....

Original Pics from dealer site

Pimped Pic

ADD: G&P C8 has spring loaded charging handle, bolt catch, forward assist and dust cover, they do nothing. On the WE M4 they all function like the RS parts.
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I acquired a new warhorse a couple of weeks ago. 1968 Torino GT fastback in satin black. Gonna soup up the powertrain and suspension, and put some wide rims in all black with some fat raised white letter tires. Mad Max here I come! Damn this hobby!

And here you can see I took the wing off of the Noble. Just wanted to see what it looked like wingless.

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Bah! As if I couldn't hate you any more than I do. Jk.

Nice wheels ya got there! The Noble looks great with the wing off too.

Good stuff, Hawk.
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Originally Posted by Scott Simonian View Post

Bah! As if I couldn't hate you any more than I do. Jk.

Nice wheels ya got there! The Noble looks great with the wing off too.

Good stuff, Hawk.

haha yeah those wheels on the Torino have got to go! They are some cheesey 15X6 Ford Ranger wheels with skinny tires to boot. When I get 'em changed out I will put some pics up to show progress.
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