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[Partially-SOLVED] Sony / Samsung LCD TV Ghosting = MIS-DIAGNOSED!!

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I'm starting this thread because I have found that there are A LOT of Sony and Samsung TV's affected by this mis-diagnosis. Although there are some solutions for certain TV's not all of them work for EVERY tv. For example, the "spinal tap" method only works on models that have a SERVICE MENU. Not all models have this. Another solution is the "bumpon's" method, but that is specifically for TAB problems. (For those of you who are currently affected by the TAB issue, I would like to let you know YOUR PANEL IS NOT BAD!!! I will create another thread soon letting you know how to really fix it, NOT JUST A BANDAID.) This particular thread is geared to those who have been affected by this problem, and neither methods above fix the problem.

So, here is the deal. Your tv DOES NOT and I repeat DOES NOT have a bad LCD panel. This is a major flaw in the field manuals provided by manufacturer's, so don't hate on the repair tech's that tell you this. For the tech's out there, I got your back... but if you think I am wrong, I HAVE PROOF!!! Sony actually uses a lot of the same parts as Samsung, both of which are made by a 3rd party (haven't identified yet). And this display problem that many people have experience is very vague. So I am going to shed some light on it.

This is how a bad tab bonding would present itself...


Notice how the picture stays aligned but it does not display correctly?

Whereas here would be a bad TCON


See how the picture is being displayed multiple times.. it's b/c of bad timing. If you are doubting this, then I urge you to spend $100 and buy a NEW board from the manufacturer, NOT A USED BOARD!!! (Sorry parts reseller's, but b/c of this MASSIVE MIS-DIAGNOSIS, chances are most of the boards you have are actually bad.) I have a video proving everything I have explained here, but until I pinpoint a solution (~90% complete), I am not going to publish it. Just to clarify, I am talking about tcon board Y320AB01C2LV0.1 , which has many different part numbers from both manufacturer's.
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Do you have a followup on this? I would be interested in the outcome. I have a kdl32l4000 that has the vertcal lines on the lower 4-6 inches, the rest is fine. I bought a controller card from a repair center and it seems that the line area got bigger which sounds to me like I may have gotten a bad tcon(I have been trying to contact these guys for 2 weeks already). What goes bad on these tcon boards that could cause this?
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So what is the part number for the kdl-52z5100 Sony t-con board?
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