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HD-A1 HDMI problem...

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I actually have the RCA HD-DVD player but inside it's identical to the Toshiba HD-A1, and I have firmware 4.0 on it which makes it display "Toshiba" on the screen during startup. Anyways, I got this at Wal-Mart a couple years ago for 60 bucks as a backup player and have never played an entire movie on it, but the couple times I did hook it up it worked great once I figured out how to set it up (the controls on this thing are VERY awkward- there's a button on the remote to switch outputs between HDMI, component, and standard video and another to change resolution. Hitting any of these while a disc is playing will stop the disc, and getting it to use the output you have hooked up is hit-or-miss.)

I recently got it out again, and right now it has white dots dancing around the screen when using HDMI- they look similar to analog video interference. They aren't there when using the component or regular video outputs, so I assume there's something wrong with the HDMI jack. I looked inside the machine but didn't see any loose connections or anything. Is this easy to fix, or is this machine such a dinosaur that it's best I not bother with it?
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It could be your HDMI cable.
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Originally Posted by MickB View Post

It could be your HDMI cable.

Ditto. Try a new cable.
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Even if said cable works fine with everything else I have?

Another weird thing- if I hook it up to the front HDMI input on my Pioneer receiver, it gets no signal. Other stuff I've hooked to that input with the same cable still work. It does work if I hook it up to one of the rear inputs, but gets the interference. The interference is also there if I hook the player straight to the TV.
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White dots is almost always a cable / cable bandwidth issue....

Soemtimes HDCP needs to be reset so it can renegotiate from scratch as well.

You do this by unplugging the devices from the AC outlet for an extended period of time.

Then bring up the display 1st and get it on the corretc HDMI input, then the next device in the chain doing the same, then so on and so forth.
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The player spends most of its time unplugged. Will try another cable though to see if it helps, also might give the player to my parents and see how it works on their setup.
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