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Green push horrible on G20

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I have 50G20, I've used D-Nice's service menu offsets, I prefer to use custom mode because of the nice pop and great contrast that it provides, but the green push is so bad I keep findiding myself switching back to THX mode. Is there anyway to get custom to match THX clor accuracy, or is this a flawed set? Some expert advice would be greatly appreciated
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How did you measure the green push or the accuracy of the THX mode? Once you change settings on a display you should wait a week or so to "adjust". Sometimes the new settings are correct, e.g. calibrated to D65, and you're just not used to seeing it.

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Some blues looks almost aqua, like when I pull the direct tv guide, the guide looks aqua in custom mode, then I switch to thx mode or any othe mode and its a nice blue color, if I'm watching something showing the ocean it looks greenish blue, switch to thx mode it looks blue,likes it's supposed to. It's just really frustrating, I want to try to find a pro calibrator, but I can't justify that to my wife, she doesn't see the point, so I'm hoping I can do something in the service menu myself. It's worse in warm than normal or cool. My current offsets are : r-cut 76
g-cut 80
b-cut 83
r-drv fd
g-drv f7
b-drv 90
all cut 83
all drv fd
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Green push may not be the right term, sorry I'm just a beginner
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I've found the G20 hard to get looking right in Custom. One thing is it seems to need colour set lower. Anything over say 42 is too much. I assume if you used D-Nices settings your colour is around 35 as I think that is about what he posted.

I agree though I always go back to THX as it just looks right.
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