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Sick of things not being in 7.1

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As the title states I'm tired of the industry not releasing movies in 7.1.

I purchased my 7.1 system about 5 years ago and to date I have 3 7.1 blue rays (none of them great movies) and a lot of heartache knowing that my DTS 6.1 ES DVD's sound better then most of my DTS Master audio blue rays. And above all it's ridiculous that I can get 7.1 from a Stereo source but not from a 5.1 source. (Don't get me started on Lord of the Rings and Avatar not being in 7.1)

I'm running Dynaudio Contour 3.3's, Contour Center, 4 Dynaudio Audience bookshelf speakers as rears all powered with a Krell KAV-500 and a Denon 4308CI receiver. I watch a lot of movies and play a lot of video games.

My question is this:
I've read a few complaints that receivers with THX modes that convert 5.1 to 7.1 loose a lot of the midrange. First is this true?
Second, are there any receivers out there in the $1500-$2300 price range that convert any Dolby Digital / DTS signal to 7.1? If there's more then one which do you recommend?

I've been looking at the Denon AVR4311CI or the Pioneer SC-37, but I haven't been able to find out if either of these receivers do what I want.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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All 7.1 Denon AVRs can actually do this including your 4308 ... simply use the STD (Standard) setting and DD PLIIx will simulate 7.1 from a stereo or 5.1 source.
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Some 5.1 sources it's true. But I don't believe it converts anything involving DTS 5.1. By turning on Cinema mode I can convert XBOX 360 games to 7.1. And your right, it does work with some DVDs. But I haven't been able to convert DolbyTrue 5.1, or an type of DTS to 7.1.

Am I stupid / crazy?
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DD PLIIx should work on all 5.1 sources. Make sure that you have the "SB CH Out" setting (p. 43) correctly set.
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All my Yamaha receivers have been able to play 5.1 to 7.1 via DPL IIx for many years (starting with the RX-V657 I think.) Sounds like you need to check the manual on how to ensure this is in use.
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Your Denon can apply PLIIx to any 5.1 source to produce stereo rear channels. I am not sure about the SC37, but Pioneers often do not allow PLIIx to be used with DTS sources.
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All three of mine can do this. I've done it with the Denon AVR 4810. I've read the manuals on the Integra DTR 8.8 and Onkyo TX NR1007, they can do it as well.

Although I don't have any 7.1 permanently hooked up. The room the Denon is in, is the only room I really have space to do 7.1(I use all tower speakers...). When I have a very large group of people over I'll drag out an extra pair of OHM Walsh 3(the theater has OHM Walsh 5 and 3).
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Thanks for all of the responses. It makes me feel somewhat foolish. Unfortunately I'm having another issue I'm trying to trouble shoot right now so I can't test it out. My center channel suddenly stopped working! I've narrowed it down to either being the input on the denon, something with the Krell or possibly the cable in between, but I'm getting inconsistant results.

I've already reset the Denon, so it's not a software problem.
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Funny, for the last year or so I've been thinking that 7.1 is ultimately kind of useless.

I used to get excited to hear my backs working, now i think it's almost distracting half the time. I've been seriously debating if I should get rid of my back pair and just go to good old 5.1.
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When I first got 7.1 I was annoyed that there was a lack of 7.1 Blu-rays to test it out on but after I switched to front wide & front heights rather than rear surrounds I'm just annoyed that when I watch a 7.1 movie the extra channels are wasted. I find that good bipole/dipole speakers emulate the rear surrounds so there's no need for it but I can see it being useful in many setups. All you need is a good receiver able to create 7.1 and you're be happy.
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