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SLS Q line gold speakers...

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Sounds like AV express is out of these speakers and their web site indicates they will have more soon. I assume those will be gone soon, as SLS hasn't made the home speakers for 3-4 years. Anyone know if those speakers are about to become extinct, at least in terms on new sets?
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I spoke with the folks at av-express and they are expecting another shipment of product around mid July. However they told me that at some point between mid-Fall and the end of the year, depending on demand, they'll ship the last of the SLS Q-line Gold systems and components...

They'll keep a certain number around to for warranty purposes.
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Yea, I heard there were just a couple dozen of the setups left...
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does anyone knows if these are better than the logitech z5500, im thinking on buying a sls with a denon AVR-391... any suggestions ??
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Don't get a Denon 391, get a 591 at miminum. You want a receiver with some type of room calibration software and the 391 doesn't have any.

Don't know anything about the SLS except for what I've read in the SLS thread. I'm pretty sure I'd rather have those than logitech computer speakers.
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the SLS speakers sound better than any computer logitech speakers, I have owned several sets. CNET made the claim that the SLS Htib sounded better than any htib under 1500 dollars, back in 2007. I don't know about that, but I would say it those speakers sound better than any comparably priced speaker (about 200 dollars for the 5 speaker set). And I am an EXPERT in cheap speakers, since I have two different sets of pyle pro speakers
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I'd put the SlS system up against HTIB's in the $800 - $1200 range (like say the Onkyo 9400THX) if we're talking sound only.

I think the SlS mains/satellites are superior to these systems for reproducing higher frequencies and Mids. The mains/sats are the strength of this system, although the mains/sats do start to rolloff a little below 90Hz. The subwoofer's up there with high priced HTIB's, not as good as a high quality component sub but decent, better than a lot of HTIB subs.

The receiver power's everything just fine and sounds great, but it doesn't have up to date features, since it's circa 2008. But unless you're buying a receiver for its video processing capabilities (if so, why? When most blu rays players do a great job of this.) You really won't miss them.
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I agree the Satelite speakers are very good. The sub isn't very good. For music, at least, it seems punchy and not always in sync with the speakers...
With some of the deals you can get on speakers, like the Jamos and other...I think it would be a reach to say they are as good as any set-up in the 1000 dollars range. Still, a very good buy for the money!
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Ok but remember we're comparing to other HTIB's not seperately purchased components.
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New to the forum and had a few questions about these speakers. I presently own 7 of these but only using 5 for the room I am in. I have built my little system with these speakers, Pioneer VSX-1120-K, and Klipsch SW-350 sub. I am no expert by far but something just doesn't seem right. I used the setup tool on the receiver but the rear speakers dont seem to be loud enough at times. I have them all mounded in the correct locations and have tried manually adjusting them as well. That seemed to help a bit. but each dvd sound different and it is difficult to get the proper settings for the center channel. Is there a tutorial I can look at because everything else seems so generic. I am moving into a new home in the next few months and plan on using all 7 speakers in my setup. Should I just have a professional come in and do it right from the beginning? Am I missing something??? Seems my bro in law bought a boxed surround sound system that sounds better than mine and I did actual research.

Please help...

Most kind,

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