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May Need an Update?!

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Hi. I'm new to the boards and also relatively new, to the world of blu-rays. I've had my player since about January - it's an LGBD555 and lately I've noticed the picture jerking, when I watch a blu-ray. It usually happens when the picture quality is set to a certain setting; I like to watch my movies in vivid, but have to resort to standard because of the jumping/jerking, maybe i'm just being picky and this is in fact normal but like I said, I'm relatively new to blu-rays and have no idea about the technical side of things lol.
Another thing, I was watching Black Swan on blu-ray and the picture was very grainy; I don't have either of these problems when watching a DVD. My boyfriend has explained to me that these players, need an update every so often and he seems to think that may help resolve the problems. I on the other hand, think the HDMI cable may have something to do with it but what do I know lol. It's a Bush gold plated cable, that was extremely cheap in comparison to others around lol
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This isn't the right forum for your player, this forum is for combo players (blu-ray and HD-DVD). I'm not trying to pick on you, I'm only saying this because you might have better luck getting help in the correct forum.

Generally you only need an update if a title won't play at all.

It's not clear to me what jumping and jerking are. My recommendation is to set the BD player's output settings to their defaults. Many custom settings can just screw things up.

Grain is normal. Typically you will see it in dark scenes and not in bright scenes. You didn't see it on DVD because DVDs are much less sharp and the grain is lost (along with a lot of detail). If you are a grain-hater and don't care that it's normal, you can usually get rid of it by turning on Digital Noise Reduction in your player or TV. The downside is that you also lose a lot of detail and the picture becomes softer. You might as well have got the DVD at that point instead of the blu-ray. The Digital Noise Reduction setting might be called something else in your particular equipment, such as Sharpness or Smoothness.

I seriously doubt any of this is the cable. Cables carrying analog signals can cause image quality problems, but the way digital signals work you always have one of the following three situations: (1) full perfect picture and sound, (2) nothing at all, or (3) intermittent picture and sound. I've never heard of quality degradation due to an HDMI signal and I don't understand how that would happen.
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