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bluray playback problems HTPC

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ati 5770 vapor-x
i7 920
corsair hx 620
wd 500 gb hdd (primary)
samsung 2tb hdd

denon 1911 (hdmi to 5770)
p42g20 plasma

catalyst 10.6 (+ ati hd audio driver)

virtual clone drive

problem: whenever i try to watch bluray stuff (usually mounted with one of those programs above from an .iso file) the player loses the audio at some point. my receiver shows the audio signal. when the problems occur it starts to switch the audio signal to something else then quickly back to original. both the picture / audio freeze / pop. if i want to correct this i must move the slider in the player back / forward a little bit so that it pics up again, but the problem will come again in 5-10 minutes. if i want i can also watch only the video files in MPC HC (using ffdshow to bitstream audio) with 0 problems. why does it do this when i mount the bluray image + play it on a commercial player? i dont know what could cause this kind of problem. im sure my pc has enough recources to play bluray. is this driver related? crappy hdd? player? what could it be i have no idea. please help me understand this im losing it.

EDIT: its seems that the audio loses focus when the chapters switch. i dont know how to get rid of this.

EDIT2: okay it seems that arcsoft tmt has some problems with ati 10.5 - 10.8 drivers. i decided to try new ati drivers and so far this 11.5 catalyst pack works. i tried a bluray.iso in tmt and it went through some chapters with ease. lets see if this is permanent.
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There is also a tmt patch for this issue
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