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Does anyone have a pair of Millenia 20 speakers on the LS-18 stands set up? I had a pair which I sold to a friend, but had never set them up, so I never got to see how they were arranged.

From the couple of pics he sent me, the front plane of the speaker housing is not the same as the front edge of the glass base. In other words, if you had the front edge of the glass base facing "straight ahead", the speaker itself would be facing to the left or right.

I could guess this might be done for "toe in" but since there are wedges involved when attaching the speakers to the stand, I also figured the wedges might be installed incorrectly. There is an up-arrow on the wedges indicating their correct orientation, but I don't know if there is a "left-handed" and a "right-handed" pair, for example.

So I figured the easiest thing to do was to ask if the speaker should be facing "straight ahead" relative to the glass base, or not.

I've attached a simple pic illustrating the effect.