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Samsung HL-P5085w No Image, Bulb fine

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Good Morning and thank you in advance for any input and direction. Really appreciate this forum, I found my first DLP through here, actually sold to me by another member (2004), and it is still in full use today, well, accept for the reason for this thread currently....

I have a Samsung HL-P5085W that has lost image. A couple months ago, I had two instances, separate from one another, where I got horizontal lines down the screen, evenly spaced, green in color. Turned it off, and back on, and they were gone.

Last night the actual picture went out on the tv. No informative switch on signal input change (doesnt say HDMI, or Composite in the corner of the tv when the source button is depressed), but you hear the tv switch to the different source.

Unplugged the tv and left it unplugged over night (just thought it was a good idea to remove all power, passive included), and plugged it back in this morning. Turned it on, and I had picture for 10 minutes, then the screen went blank, though the TV is not off. Turned it off and back on, image came back on, then a couple minutes later, screen picture gone.

I have replaced the bulb in this unit twice in its life. It is a heavy heavy use tv (on a good portion of the day every day since we bought it), and has been an OUTSTANDING unit.

If anyone has any suggestions on what this may be now. I fear its prob the actual DLP chip? or the DRM board? I assume it is user replaceable, and for the record, I run an IT company and consider myself quite technical with regard to computer systems, cabling, ect.

If this is circuit board related, and it is something I can unplug, dismount and replace, I would like to. We really like this unit, and I would like to extend its life. But I really don't know what to look at first, and if I have someone come out, that's an expense I would rather not have.

Thank you again in advance for any direction,

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Good Afternoon everyone, and thank you in advance,

Any direction on this? I can't be the only one who has had this problem. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you again,

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You can start here;

You don't specify which input. Have you tried the OTA tuner input directly?
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Was this issue ever resolved?

I am in the UK and have the equiv. model SP50L7HX with the same issue:

Sound but no image, bulb fine and 'backlight' on. The TV does not shut down nor show any fault codes (lights) on the front. Functions still operate via the remote or front panel like the source can be changed, volume level changed, channel changed etc...
This happens regardless of input used and can happen at varying times, 10 mins from switch on or 2 hours but image always returns after power cycling.
The image when it is there appears perfectly fine (to a novice like me anyway, as far as I'm concerned red is RED).

Thanks for your help. If I ever resolve the issue I shall report back to let other members know as well as progress.
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