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In another thread the subject of moving these behemoths came up on the back of my 36'' XBR there is indentations I use for handles were these meant to be handles by Sony? They are just wide enough to get your two middle fingers into you would think they would have made them wider if intended for grip but there is no other way to lift it without using them.
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And the point being?
It is what it is (or was) and water under the bridge.

Try carrying an RCA F38310.
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And Japanese people are generally smaller than us Americans, and have smaller features including hands. Should have, could have, would have.

Originally Posted by Ratman View Post

Try carrying an RCA F38310.

Or the 40XBRs--more like 300 pounds!
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A couple of years ago moved one of the 40'' XBR's for a neighbor luckily no stairs involved.
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Reason why I bought my CRT from J&R, $10 delivery, just amazing, right into my living room. When I moved last year, first, I needed to switch over to HDTV, 2nd, there was no way I was going to move that 120LB behemoth. Donated it to a neighbourd. Goodby boat anchor, hello flat screen.
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Recently had to move my Mitsubishi CS-3725C. A true 37" viewable monster. It had two fully ventilated speakers and weighed over 250 pounds. Once tried tying a 2x4 wood planck on it for moving it and the 2x4 was cracking. That was fun....
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Someone near me recently was selling one of the 45" Mitsubishi's I wanted it but just thinking about lifting it I passed.
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Probably one of reasons for the demise of CRT's and rise of LCD sales.
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