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FCC Extensions  

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2/4 Networks in Spokane have filed for extensions. Were can we find out how long it is for and if they can continue to file to delay the inevitable.

CBS is one of the big ones that I would die to get...

Thanks for the input!!

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I think all extensions are for a standard 6 months. And you can ask for a second one if not ready in that time.

Hopefully your stations are ahead of the worst case FCC requirements.
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All extensions are for a default of six months even if only two months or two weeks is needed. A second six month extension can be applied for, but you must show a 'good faith' effort has been made to resolve any problems out of your control. Beyond that stations better have a really good story to tell (ie like the stations in Denver).
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The FCC extensisions are a joke. My CBS is not going to HD until nex year.
What we are going to get later on this fall is 4:3 digial. Big whoopie. This is a e-mail from them. If you don't live next door to there tower, you wont get anything. 55kw?.........

Hello Rick, we are waiting for a tower crew to install our antenna.
Hopefully this will before May 1, 2002. At first we will run low
power, 55KW ERP and standard def. I have requested the HDTV equipment
we need but don't have a date yet. We will go high power 2004, 1 megawatt.

Thank you,
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I sent messages to KREM (CBS) and KHQ (NBC) a couple of months ago asking about their HDTV roll-out schedule. The response I received from KREM stated they expected to be live by early summer. KHQ totally ignored me, but according to the letter filed with their request for an extension, it sounds like they're ready to go -- they just filed to CTA, not knowing how severe (or not) our winter was going to be and accessibility to the towers.

Ironically, the two stations here that did NOT file for an extension are KAYU (FOX) and KGPX (PAX) - neither of which offer any HDTV programming! (Although I'm looking forward to watching the upcoming Star Wars movies and the X-Files finale in a digital widescreen format!)
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It is good so see that more than 1 person in Spokane that has taken the giant lep towards hd.

I have tried several times to get information from KREM and KHQ but neither of them will return a call.

I have been working with ch 4.1 over the past 2 months in trying to get their lip sync problem corrected. It has been a bummer that ABC is the only station locally and their sound was messed up.

I want PBS to go digital!!!

Thanks for the help guys! - We will all hope the the lesser of the 6 months is the true of the numbers...

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Don't give up on that 55 KW station.

When I got my system I had to get a 4 kw station here. And now we still are stuck with a 78 kw station that wants more power but the FCC seems to be dragging it out .......

Anyway the 4 kw station was able to go about 20 miles or so for some people, and the 78 kw seems receivable for at least 40+ miles, for those not in a dip and with good enough antennas.

And if your transmitter antennas are reasonably high you could do even better. Around here they mount them really low down near sea level to make it harder for us OTA nuts.
We got nice small mountains around, but they put the towers on low flat land, with one exception that I know of.
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Hey trich,

I just noticed that the quote from WKRG said "high power 2004"! That almost 2 years, not one!

jhe is right, you might get it ok. Out here in Ft. Walton Beach, FL (73 miles) its dicey.

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Where can you find out if a station has asked for an extension? Has the FCC said they would give blanket extensions to any stations that asks after May 1st? Or do the stations need a good reason?
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Originally posted by Guyy
Where can you find out if a station has asked for an extension? Has the FCC said they would give blanket extensions to any stations that asks after May 1st? Or do the stations need a good reason?
All on the fcc web site at http://www.fcc.gov

Hard to navigate there: What I do is click site map and then scroll to search tools.

They require a reason but one kind is "financial hardship" which virtually all stations could claim. Have not heard of any requests being denied. Requests were all supposed to be in before Mar 5 I think.

Another problem is lots of stations have no CP (construction permit) yet. These are exempt from the deadline and don't need any extension request. Some asked for them and these requests were "Dismissed". Took me a while to figure that one out.

Here around Boston we have:

7 stations on air
1 off air that was on,due back in May.
10 with extensions (or allowed to be late like PBS stations)
7 that don't need to do anything since the FCC is sitting on
their construction permit applications.
So come May 5 Deadline the FCC will have succeeded in getting a whopping 32% of our stations on the air.
And we're in a big TV market area here!

And we have some really dedicated stations that ignored the FCC trying to slow things up and went on the air back in 1998 among our 32%! This big slow down isn't very fair to them!
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My house is 5 feet above sea level, yes I live on the water. There antenna is about 40 miles from me so I have no idea if I can get it . Time will tell.
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55kW @500ft AGL,

We have had reception reports of over 90 miles depending on receive antenna setup.

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