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Seiki BDV-1010-3D Blu-Ray player

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Just saw this listed on their website. Haven't seen one in a store to test yet. Wal-Mart Canada is still selling the BD660 rev. 2 for $78. Wonder what the price point on this 3D version is? Would be nice if this one was also region free. Too bad as a company their support is spotty at best (no firmware upgrades). I do hope the Netflix compatability works with Netflix Canada. Just itching to get my hands on this for some tests...



Seen in another forum MSRP $120. Probably less through Wal-Mart Canada. Says June 2011 on their website but may be July. Will definitely pick one up for tests at that price...

Their website is unintentionally laughable at times, listing all these US sellers...then you realize it's for their TVs only as the BD660 was only available in Canada with it being region free and all...
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I wouldn't mind hearing more about this unit once you or somebody else gets one. As I'm sure you know, the official Seiki "specs" are kinda rubbish and uninformative...the units usually do tons more than they say, Seiki only mentions the "legal" stuff lol.

I have an original 660 that I use for non-1/A discs only. Never had the slightest playback problem with it, though the design "feature" of shutting down after several minutes of being paused is REALLY annoying with Java BDs. Luckily the vast majority of non-A BDs I have do not have Java, they are smaller titles or else I would have bought an A version. It would be nice to know that this shutdown feature has been removed, if the new player is also all-region, then it would make a decent replacement for the 660.
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