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Well, my hat channel came in yesterday....... You guessed it, not the right stuff smile.gif I took a piece of what I'm looking for and showed them, and they are trying to order some. I've also found another supplier, but it's nearly an hour drive one way to get it. That will be a last resort if my local supplier can't find it. It's been a pretty consistent story everywhere I've called though. The first thing they say is, "No one uses that stuff anymore. Let me check and see if we've still got some in the yard."

Carry on biggrin.gif
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Sorry to hear of your hat track troubles. I haven't found the same problem here in Charlotte because there are at least 5 or 6 different suppliers that carry (and sell) tons of this track - they even offer it in three different gauges. That hour drive is starting to sound like time well-spent!! mad.gif
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You hit the nail on the head! I'm trying to keep a good attitude about it because my local supplier is MUCH cheaper on their drywall than anywhere else in town. One of our cars sprung a leak yesterday, so my wife is driving the truck. You know you've put off that trip to the shop too long when you get that steady stream of steam out of from under the hood at the traffic lights smile.gif

If we haven't found some channel locally by the time we get the car back, I'll just bite the bullet and make the drive. No point in cutting corners now smile.gif
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What you should do, is find a supplier in Atlanta and come Tuesday to pick it up. Then you can stay at my house and spend all day Wednesday loading drywall with me! Sounds great, right? And only a four or five hour drive!
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in all honesty, I've thought several times about coming to help. It'd be cool to have a South East meet. Of course, then the reality of having a wife, two kids, a job, and grad school come crashing down........... Thanks, Fred..... Thanks for bringing that up!

biggrin.gif J/K. I wish you were closer, I'd love meet you and see what you've got going on in person. It would certainly help with my motivation seeing someone else with the illness smile.gif
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Hurry up and get this thing finished. I want to come watch a movie!
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Keep your head up buddy, it will all come together. I think we have all had those times where everything seems to go wrong and the world is against us. In this situation it dose seem as though an hour drive is not too much of a sacrifice to make to get what you need and know it will be right without further delay.

On the getting together to help and meet. That is the great thing, and the bad thing about the forum. You get to "meet" and interact with a lot of great people but 99% of the time it is all virtual. I have had the opportunity to meet a handful of forum members and help them out. That is where the rubber actually meets the road and makes this great forum come full circle. You never know, when you meet a fellow forum member you just might have the chance to spend some quality time with them in a locked theater. biggrin.gif


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"Double your efforts!, Triple your efforts!.....(pirate voice)"

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Thanks guys! smile.gif

auburnu008, believe me, I'm way more anxious to watch a movie than you are smile.gif BTW, when they start building your room, if you use clips and channel you should double check the channel they use. The stuff from Marjam is a mixed bag. Some IS 25 ga., but some is definitely NOT.

RT, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm whining. I realize you guys don't get to "hear" how I mean everything I post. While a lot of this is a frustration, I really try to look on the positive side of it. After all, I'm building a room that I've wanted to build for YEARS! It really can't be too bad smile.gif I'm still having fun, it's just moving a little slower than I'd hoped wink.gif

Nick, Aye Aye, Cap'n! biggrin.gif
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Gee whiz J_P_A! How are you going to entertain us until your new parts come in? Can't you work on something else and show us that?
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smile.gif I'm working, but I doubt it's anything you guys are interested in!

In other news unrelated to the theater, the diagnosis on the car is a hole in the radiator. We're waiting on parts for that. We're also having a whole home dehumidifier installed on Monday or Tuesday. Our house has been entirely too humid since we moved in. One of the drawbacks to spray foam insulation I'm told. Fortunately, our HVAC contractor is going to install it for his costs (which is cheaper than I can get the unit online). It's a bummer that we're having to do it, but at least our HVAC contractor is standing by his word to make his installs right for minimal cost. He told us up front that if the upgraded HVAC unit wouldn't deal with the heat/cool/humidity, then he would only charge us for the additional equipment at his costs with no labor.
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Awesome news that your HVAC contractor is taking care of you. I did a lot of reading up on the spray foam when I was looking into it for the basement. Somewhere I got onto a article about the "air tightness" of some of the newer homes that use spray foam and the cycle times of the HVAC equipment being much shorter than what has been typical. In that same article they also talked about the indoor air quality being potentially worse than the outdoor air quality due to the actual absence of air exchange, something else to consider as well. Sheesh, not a very good friend here am I, just giving you something else to worry about.

Sleep well buddy!


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No worries smile.gif I've probably read the same article. The new dehumidifier also has a fresh air exchanger as well (ERV maybe).

We actually upgraded to the two stage compressor to deal with the short cycles times and it worked well last summer. Unfortunately, this winter has been mild enough that the AC doesn't run, but it's been crazy humid and damp! So I think even a conventional home would have issues this year. Our contractor said they just don't see winters like this down here.

All that said, we compared power bills from a year ago, and we went from a house that's 1/3 the size with conventional insulation to our new home and our power bill did not change. So I think the foam was a good decision. We'll see smile.gif
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Good deal. Speaking of bills. I got my new system last year in July, I saw about a 1/4 to a 1/3 decrease in our electric bill. Our gas bill this winter was even a bigger surprise. We went from a 200 to 300 dollar gas bill to one that runs 50 to 80 dollars. The first bill I got I actually called our gas company to make sure it was correct. The majority comes from the new high efficiency equipment, but I also installed a programmable thermostat and actually use it and take advantage of its programs.


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What'd that radiator run you? About $400? So I'm sure you've already gone and found the right hat channel and gotten it all lined up for this weekend, haven't you? wink.gif (you did see that I'm on "vacation" from building for the next few days - so I have nothing better to do than bother you, right?)
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Radiator was $250. It's a CRV that's about 10 years old, so no intercoolers or fancy business like that. It's the beater, and the daily driver since my truck gets about 11mpg down hill with a tail wind. My wife's been driving the truck, but I should get it back tomorrow. I'm going to try to get that channel tomorrow. We'll see smile.gif until then, I'm taking a building vacation, too biggrin.gif
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Oh, before I go on construction vacation, here's a quick update. I've got my door in (temporarily). This will give me an idea of where to run my DW so that I can minimize the gap around the door. I'm sure I'll need to tweak it a bit afterwards. Let me tell you, hanging one of these by yourself..... it's a bit of a challenge smile.gif I think I mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again, I didn't order a door on an exterior jamb (I ordered an interior door), but this is what I got. It will probably work out for the best, though. Those jambs are ~1-1/4" thick rather than the standard jambs (3/4" maybe?). So it should make for a sturdy door.

And a view from the inside

Here's a picture showing how far the jamb overhangs the landing on the other side. I took off the metal threshold, and I'll have to make something to cover the edge of the hardwoods as well as hide the bottom of the jamb. A more pressing issue is I'll have to come up with a way to support my threshold. Right now I'm leaning towards laminating some 2x + plywood with GG between to make up the difference. I'm open to suggestions, though.

Here's another picture to help show what I'm dealing with. The door and jamb will hang over the clips+channel+DD unless I put something on the landing inside the room to support it. I have no idea why they stopped the hardwoods there instead of running them the rest of the way out. rolleyes.gif

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I don't know anything about doors, but can't you put the hinges on the other side. Not left/right. Interior/exterior. So the door floats over the bare area of wood, and I assume that's where you would put your threshold & seals.

Also, do you need clips & channel on the wood under the door?
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Not much room to shim, hope your framing is plumb!

I always make sure the threshold is fully supported. I would use pine or other framing material to build out under the threshold and drywall GG to that.
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I'm pretty sure the door will need to swing in, since the entrance is at the landing of the stairs. It might be possible to turn it around and then swap it left to right, but it's set up for this already. (I take the liberty of answering for J_P_A, since he's on vacation. wink.gif )
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Originally Posted by rabident View Post

I don't know anything about doors, but can't you put the hinges on the other side. Not left/right. Interior/exterior. So the door floats over the bare area of wood, and I assume that's where you would put your threshold & seals.

Also, do you need clips & channel on the wood under the door?

There are a few reasons I wanted the door to swing in. Primarily because this door is at the end of a short, narrow, hallway that will have 3 doors in it. I was afraid that a door could get opened into the hallway and block the other doors from being opened. Also, while it's not a residential building code that I'm aware of, it's generally a good practice to have the doors swing into the room.

With that said, had I thought about this issue further in advance, I may well have considered other options for door swings. smile.gif

And yes, I will have clips and channel under the door. I'm waiting to run the bottom row of channel around my room until I get most of the stuff off the floor. It'll make it easier setup my laser level and door the room in two passes. Also, I need to get this threshold support business worked out so I'll know how low to put my clips and channel.

Originally Posted by NicksHitachi View Post

Not much room to shim, hope your framing is plumb!

I always make sure the threshold is fully supported. I would use pine or other framing material to build out under the threshold and drywall GG to that.

Hinge side framing is plumb, so I screw directly to that. The other side is a bit off, but I think I've got between 1/4" and 1/2" on that side. So I think I'll be able to shim it. I wasn't expecting my door to have 1-1/2" jambs on it, or I would have made my opening a bit larger.

Are you suggesting that I put clips and channel on the support as well, or just laminate DD+GG onto the threshold support?
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You beat me to it, Fred smile.gif
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I know zero about soundproofing.



. JPA.jpg 61k .jpg file
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Awesome! I think we're on the same page with what to do here (thanks for the diagram BTW). It's not ideal from a soundproofing standpoint since it couples directly to the framing, but I'll probably do that support with two layers of something with Green Glue between. On top of that, the door is coupled to the framing, so I don't think it will make much difference having that piece at the bottom.

Thanks again for the feedback!!!!!
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What do you have planned for your threshold? If you extend the threshold past the edge so it aligns with the front of your jamb then you might not need that 2x4 underneath. Just think of the threshold as you would a bullnose on a stair. That way you would run your track and drywall right up to the bottom of the threshold and have no worries about additional coupling of the 2x4.
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I'm worried about the threshold rocking when it's stepped on. Even if I used 1-1/4" stock (not sure where I would find it), it will be cantilevered out about 2-1/2". I'm just afraid it would either break, or would eventually work loose over time.
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Well, the hat channel saga continues. Anyone care to venture a guess as to where this is going? smile.gif

Yep, you guessed it. Still no 25 ga. hat channel. I made the drive today to the next drywall supplier. It only took 45 minutes, so a little better than I expected. However, while this place had 25 ga channel, it did not have hemmed edges. FAIL mad.gif

They did point me to another place in the same town, and I figured, "why not; I'm already out here." I found this second place, and nope, they don't have it either. BUT, they at least recognized the stuff. Said they could order it, but they'd have to wait until they had a big enough order to put it on the truck. Hopefully only another three days or so. Baby steps. We're getting there in baby steps smile.gif They did seem surprised that I was using 25 ga on the ceiling. They're familiar with Genie clips, so I don't know if they use 20 ga on the ceiling instead.

I'll admit, there's been more than once that I've started to wonder if the good Lord is trying to tell me something smile.gif If this last place doesn't pan out, I'm probably going to take the hint!
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Hang in there. Avoid the 20 or 22 ga
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JPA I had the same problem sourcing my hat channel. There was no writing anywhere and I was only clued in after I noticed that it was not hemmed. After much back and forth I finally had a new batch delivered and I noticed immediately that the old stuff weighed like twice as much. It was not even close. There was also an obvious difference in the flex.

Anyways the point of my post is that my new hat channel has the number stamped on it and it matches up perfectly with the number in teds spec sheet for the hat channel.

So I would order it by giving them the spec numbers and tell them you want it stamped right on there so you can confirm and finally put this to bed.
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It's as though you are in a magical place where they don't carry dapper dan. You don't want fop! You are a dapper dan man!
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