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Yeah. To say the least. It's been insanely busy around our house lately, and then spring time has the audacity to make the grass start growing smile.gif I'm hoping to get a few days to work in the theater next week, but if I don't get a chance to order the rest of my drywall and have it delivered, I won't have anything to work with anyway. rolleyes.gif
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I know what you mean. I went downstairs today to hang a sheet of drywall and realized I am out of my shorter screws. That sheet is hanging only in most places, but at least it's hanging. In the mean time, I've mowed the lawn like three times already, and I'm out watering my new shrubs every evening when should be hanging drywall.

We'll get there eventually. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by HopefulFred View Post

We'll get there eventually. smile.gif

^^^ That is what I keep telling myself smile.gif
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Well, here's an update. I have a feeling this will draw praise from some, and head shaking from others, but the way things have been going lately I haven't had a spare minute to spend on the theater. Lot's of work, and lots of school. So, I decided to manufacture some progress. I talked with the local drywall company in town, and got a quote. Once I consider what it would cost me to get the tools and material, the labor to have the drywall hung and finished is only going to cost me an extra $1,500 (give or take). Obviously they can get the materials cheaper than I can, so they are making more than that, but the extra cost to me is only around $1,500. So, I'm going to hire it out! Yep, that's right, I'm wimping out and paying someone to do the drywall. He said they're booked up for the next two weeks, but he should be able to get to it sometime around then. I know you guys like pictures, so here's the progress update

On one hand, I'm a little let down that I'm not going to do EVERYTHING in my theater; on the other, I'm really looking forward to getting this part out of the way!
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I read on another thread that you didn't do electrical yet? Probably want to do that before drywall depending where you need to run stuff. Also, I think HVAC usually goes in before drywall, at least the runs to/from the room... and conduit also.
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Thanks for the double check! All of my electrical will come through the wall and run through my soffits and columns inside the room, and my HVAC will come through the wall as well. I think I'm set for now, of course, I'm sure ill realize I've forgotten something as soon as they finish hanging the drywall. It's one of Murphy's little known laws smile.gif. I do have a conduit to the PJ location and a 14-2 over there for power. I just need to get my OSB on the ceiling where the PJ will go.
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I understand the temptation and don't blame you. I don't have real excuses, so I stick to the idea that I'll do everything myself, but it would certainly be faster contracted out. Now I'm just hoping that I can stay ahead of you. smile.gif (I'm sure I won't, but I'll pretend I will)
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Originally Posted by HopefulFred View Post

I don't have real excuses

You've come to the right place. I am a very experienced procrastinator. I have a wealth of prepackaged excuses I can provide you with. These are field tested. I've managed to put things off for years. I can also develop custom excuses tailored to your specific needs.

The best excuse would be to take the time to learn SketchUp so you can fully model your room in 3D. It might help you catch design related problems. JPA, do you feel it helped you to model your room in 3D? I wish I did it for mine. I plan to going forward. Starting tomorrow... or maybe the next day.
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I remember the good old days when this was a REAL HOME THEATER BUILD! biggrin.gif Hiring out? Is that allowed?
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As long as you hand carry your own sand and fill your stage your self with sand the home theater gods will forgive you for not hanging your drywall yourself. I paid to have the drywall mud and tapped .. You have to pick your battles for me finishing drywall is to big of learning curve and something i fine with not being a pro at. I can patch and make repairs all day smile.gif
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The sting of making this decision seems to be wearing off pretty quickly. I'm already looking forward to all the other smaller HT projects I can tackle in the mean time. I'm already chewing on dead vent designs.

And yes, I find that learning to use Sketchup and modeling your space is an excellent use of a few days...... Uh..... Months smile.gif
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Lots of progress in The Plains Theater! It doesn't look like much, but I promise, it was a lot of effort! I'm trying to get all the loose ends tied up before the drywall gets hung. Without further ado, here's the pictures:

I mounted some 5/8" plywood to the ceiling where I "think" my projector will go. I also built some backer boxes for the receptacle and LV box in the event that I guessed right for PJ location. This will be drywalled over until I actually get ready to mount my PJ

The joints on the DW inside the boxes are not that great, but I'm planning to pack it full of putty pads if I actually use these openings.

Next on the agenda was building my dead vents. These took a LOT longer than I expected. Here's a refresher on how my room is laid out with respect to my vents.

I started with the return (shown near the bottom of the above render). I also decided to go through the wall rather than the ceiling. Here's a before shot of my equipment room. The theater is on the right of in the below image:

Here's a shot after the drywall started. I've got DD+GG on the wall next to the theater, 1/2" on the ceiling and remaining walls, then I put down DD+GG just in the area where my dead vent will go (including the floor). Here you can see I've started framing out the two sections:

Here I've almost finished the transition/plenum going into the room. I had lots of clever ideas for how to build this using much less lumber, but I decided it would be quicker just to Rube Goldberg the thing. I ended up with a box that's way over built, but it was quicker this way.

This is the transition into the room. I don't have space for an 8" pipe to fit into my soffit, so I decided to use the wall cavity. I used DD+GG to make a vent that I will seal against the back of my drywall with some acoustic caulk. I left about 1/4"-1/2" gap between the vent and where my first layer of drywall will be. I'm hoping this will limit the sound escaping through this opening.

Plenum closed and duct connected. Here you can see that there are two sections to the dead vent. The first just holds the ductwork, the second will house my fan so that I can add an access panel.

With insulation:

First section all sealed up with DD+GG and all the remaining drywall finished in the room. I'm not too happy with where my rack had to go. It's a tight fit to get between it and the wall now, but it is what it is. Once I get the electrical and relaying for my fan worked out, I will add the DD+GG on the second section to enclose the fan.

Starting the supply side dead vent. This is just a DD+GG box that will house my supply. Here you can see the existing 10" supply that I tapped into with my 8" supplying the theater.

Duct added with insulation.

Finished dead vent:

I did something similar with the entry into the theater here. I built a transition from the dead vent to the theater using DD+GG. I won't be able to caulk the gap between the transition and the first layer of DW, but it should still help with the sound leakage. I stubbed out a piece of 8" rigid duct that my flex is connected to in my vent, and I will connect onto it inside the theater.

I believe I'm ready for drywall in the theater now. I need to add the odd piece of insulation here and there, but I can do that the day of if I have to. I'm excited about the prospect of getting the room in drywall.

Now I need to find a relay that I can use to trigger my return fan when my PJ or AVR (that I don't have yet) turns on. Any suggestions? With all these words, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't make it this far smile.gif
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Wow, JPA - nice work! Seeing these photos I was thinking just the opposite of your original statement . . . that I don't see how you got all of that accomplished over one short weekend, especially considering all of the precision measurements you needed to make and the develop-as-you-go engineering of the structures around the dead vent system.

I have a feeling you've now "gone plaid" with your theater progress!! biggrin.gif

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It doesn't matter how many times I see that picture, it still makes me laugh smile.gif

My dad helped out over the weekend, which was a huge help! I forget just how much slower it is to work by yourself. Little things like hanging drywall over your head become very difficult when you're working alone. Nice to have some help!
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You know, I came around here this weekend ready to crack the whip. I would feel silly now, wouldn't I...
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Thanks for the detailed pics JPA. I have two vents to build myself and kinda been dragging my feet on them. So you used 8" flex throughout? What fans are you going to use? Are you installing a speed controller of some sort? Very jealous of the progress.
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Fred, even with me "cheating" by paying someone to drywall the theater, I've got a hunch that you are going to finish before I do. So don't worry, there'll be plenty more opportunities to crack the whip smile.gif

Vanice, hope the photos will be helpful. Keep in mind there are some definite compromises here, but you have to make the best of the space you are given. As for your questions:

  • Yes, I'm using 8" flex for both the supply and return. I'm trying to get adequate flow as well as keep my velocities down. My room is pretty large, so it takes quite a bit of flow to get enough exchanges. The first post in this thread has a section on HVAC sizing where I worked out the flow required.
  • I'm using one of the Panasonic whisper line inline fans. It's a 440 cfm fan. Here's a photo from earlier in the thread, and here's a link to the Panasonic page. I bought it off of Amazon.
  • Unfortunately, these fans don't seem to like being slowed down much. It's a condenser motor, and it seems like slowing down much below 3/4 speed causes the starting caps to try to "restart" the motor. I think BIG mentioned that Morph1c's started making some noise when he tried to slow it down. I called Panasonic about it, and they said they couldn't recommend a speed controller. Also, the fan is relatively quiet when compared to other inline fans, but it's still noisey for what we want to do with it. It needs to be located either a long way away from your room, or in an enclosure to mitigate the sound. It's still to be seen if I'll be able to keep it quiet enough to be usable.
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I may have found the relay! This looks perfect. 10-30 VDC coil rating. It comes in its own enclosure that I can mount to a JBOX. I might even be able to use 2 of these and setup my fan to come on either with the PJ or with the HVAC. That would be ideal!

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Nice! Drywall will definitely transform the room and get you motivated. Oh wait...I'M supposed to get you motivated.......
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Uh oh...... I think that might have been a warning shot smile.gif
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Stopping by your thread for the first time, in a while, and happy to see progress!

Would it be dangerous to now say, you're on a roll? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by J_P_A View Post

I may have found the relay! This looks perfect. 10-30 VDC coil rating. It comes in its own enclosure that I can mount to a JBOX. I might even be able to use 2 of these and setup my fan to come on either with the PJ or with the HVAC. That would be ideal!

As long as both "Hot" legs were not hot simultaneously It should be fine.

IDK about two hot legs to the fan simultaneously though, I remember reading somewhere that was not a good idea? Maybe some electrical genius will chime in but I'd check that out first.

This is a high quality build great job, I'm sure it will all pay dividends once complete.
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Warren, don't jinx it. We never say that out loud smile.gif Progress seems like it should get a lot easier once the drywall is up. Not necessarily less time consuming, just easier. If my sound proofing works as well as I hope, I'll be able to work in the evenings after the kids are in bed which will be a big plus.

Nick, I wondered about that as well, but I can't see how it will cause problems. We run parallel feeds to big motors all the time. So as long as I'm supplying both relays from the same 120 V leg, I think it's fine. Hopefully someone will chime in that has some experience with this.

Thanks, guys!
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Originally Posted by J_P_A View Post

Nick, I wondered about that as well, but I can't see how it will cause problems. We run parallel feeds to big motors all the time. So as long as I'm supplying both relays from the same 120 V leg, I think it's fine. Hopefully someone will chime in that has some experience with this.

No experience with that, however you'll be fine,... if I understand correctly what you're doing.

You can feed two relays with the same hot feed, it's done all the time. Then either relay pulled in can "make" the circuit.
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I'm thinking I'll give it a try and see what happens. At worst I'm out $50. On the other hand, if it works, then I'll be done with the ventilation part outside the room!
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I was with you on the two relays until I was exolaining it to someone else. Then I thought, does it matter if the inline fan runs when the amp is off? Wouldn't the one scenario- one relay - cover 99.9% of cases?
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Originally Posted by HopefulFred View Post

I was with you on the two relays until I was exolaining it to someone else. Then I thought, does it matter if the inline fan runs when the amp is off? Wouldn't the one scenario- one relay - cover 99.9% of cases?

^^^^ +1. I had the same thoughts, although I was thinking that the relay could be programmed to turn off automatically after "X" minutes from being triggered to ensure cool-down ventilation. This is easily accomplished with many of the theater-sized power protection components.
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I was originally planning to have the fan turn on only when the PJ was on, but I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to have the fan run to help maintain the humidity in the theater when it's NOT in use. We keep the door closed to that room when not in use to keep the dogs from hanging out in there. It's a bit of stretch since we're not having any humidity issues yet, but I didn't think it could hurt. On top of that, I shopped around for relays and found them for less than $20 each.
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Now I'm just being argumentative - $20 and a couple inches of wire is discretionary to say the least - but the room should still ventilate without it right? Just not balanced. And what if I told you that you were going to be filtering all the air through your electronics? Would I be right?
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Hmmmm.... I suppose you are right that there will still be some air circulation back through the return even when the fan is off, but I would guess it will be reduce a good bit. It may be worth waiting to see what it will do before I wire it up. One less relay is one less thing to quit working down the road.

As far as filtering the air through my electronics, it shouldn't. The fan will exhaust into the room behind my equipment room. I just haven't finished off the second half of the dead vent. The sketchup model shows how it will go through the back wall of the equipment room into what will likely remain an unfinished wiring room. This is where all of my network cabling and structured wiring panel is located.
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