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Vanillaware released the English version of the trailer that Joe has earlier in the thread yesterday (so, same trailer, but text is in English).

I gotta' say that I'm stoked for this game. Outside of the PS4, nothing has captured my attention more this year than Dragon's Crown. Sure it is a throwback to an earlier era, but as someone who basically bought a Sega Genesis for Golden Axe, I'm really hoping this will turn out to be good. If anyone wants to do Friend Requests for this game, I would definitely be down for it (just shoot me a PM).

I checked both Amazon and GameStop and they list the release dates as 8/7/13. Best Buy has a different date altogether. July 25th is the official launch date for Japan and I really hope that we get it in Aug., but so far no official confirmation of this date from Vanillaware.
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Yeah, and one of the coolest things about it when compared to the beat'em ups of old is the 40-50 hours of estimated play time. cool.gif
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Wow - this looks freakin' amazing. I can't wait.
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Fighter in action:

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Can't wait for this. I am a huge fan of this type of game. I have played The King Of Dragons, both D&D games, & Knights of The Round more times than I can remember via emulators.

I never get tired of side-scrollers.
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Sorceress doing her thing:

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Long live the Dwarf!

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August 6th, 2013 release date confirmed for North America!
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The little Elf that could:

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Originally Posted by joeblow View Post

The little Elf that could:

I love the fireball spell that she has at :30-:32 on the video. Looks like she has minor spell abilities at short range. If she isn't gimped, she could be a fun character to play.
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From what I've seen so far, I'm picking the Elf with my first play through. Two more character profiles to go though.
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I'm picking the Sorceress because jiggling boobies! wink.gif
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Behold the power of the Wizard:

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Originally Posted by joeblow View Post

Behold the power of the Wizard:
Hmm, not enough jiggling boobs.
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The Wizard looks powerful, but he also looks a little slow for my tastes (although I guess that Teleport move he does early in the video evens that out). That "transformation" move at :22-:25, though. Wow! eek.gif
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All hail the Amazon:

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I have been talking about this game to a couple of friends. It just looks so cool.
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Finally, the Coco Austin, I mean Amazon video has been released. biggrin.gif
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Awesome deal from the publisher! The DLC for the game allows players to choose any of the six characters to narrate the action. However, the DLC is a free download for the first month after release.

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I'm glad to hear this--I've already pre-ordered this game! I'm looking forward to the release date.
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Looks good I'll definitely pick it up but I do say the backgrounds look a little too static for my tastes. The overall style though is impressive.
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Epic E3 trailer released! If you don't want this game after seeing this video, I don't know what ti tell you:

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The trailer is NOW available on for download from the PSN store (in the videos section) so that you can see it in all its HD glory.

Man, that trailer is SICK on my 1080p screen!
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Found a great E3 Interview done by TheGameStation. It gives some great info. about the game and talks about the Vita version as well (most interesting fact: no cross-buy, BUT there is a Cross-Save). Just pre-ordered the Vita version today to go along with the PS3 version (If this game doesn't sale well in the States, it won't be because of me!) smile.gif
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Sadly, one of the good guys is in trouble. Atlus is looking to be bought out as they file for bankruptcy. As for the state of Dragon's Crown, this translated tweet is from NeoGAF:
Atlus has confirmed as much already via its official Twitter feed.

My translation off the cuff, from bottom to top:

"The PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita versions of Dragon's Crown, both the retail and digital download versions, are set to be released on July 25 as it was originally scheduled. We apologize for worrying our users."

"Multiplayer and save data sharing functionality for Dragon's Crown is conducted via the PlayStation Network. Because of this, multiplayer services are guaranteed."

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More information on Altus' parent company troubles (from Joystiq):
Atlus' parent company Index files for 'civil rehabilitation'
by Alexander Sliwinski on Jun 27th 2013 3:00PM

Index Corporation, parent company of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona publisher Atlus, is petitioning for "civil rehabilitation proceedings," a form of bankruptcy protection under Japanese law.

As part of its petition, as of May, the company has ¥24.5 billion ($249 million) in total liabilities.

Jurists.co.jp has a pretty solid explanation of the procedure from this point forward. The company will have a supervisor appointed and a plan will be drawn up for rehabilitation of the company. After that, there is a creditors meeting and approval. Then the company is supposed to follow the plan.

We've reached out to Atlus for a statement about if this will have any impact on the company's daily business or release schedule.

Update: Atlus provided the following statement from President and CEO Naoto Hiraoka: "Currently, Index Digital Media, Inc. and the Atlus brand are unaffected by the Index Corporation proceedings in Japan. We're carrying on day-to-day activities, business as usual. Shin Megami Tensei IV and Dragon's Crown are still releasing on July 16 and August 6 respectively, and we're licensing and publishing third-party titles such as R.I.P.D: The Game and Daylight. We want to thank all of our fans for their outpouring of support."
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One play through with a character = 20 hours, which is about ten times longer than all the other beat 'em ups.
Atlus Japan specified that players are expected to take about twenty hours to complete the story mode with each character. Replayability is also granted because certain elements will be unlocked only after clearing the game once, and by additional features like the PvP Arena. Of course the fact that characters play radically different also helps extending the game’s longevity further.

This may come as a surprise to many considering that side-scrolling action RPGs like this one tend to be a lot shorter than that. The funny part of this all is that the company added to the message a rather cheeky recommendation:

Please take care not to forget to eat and sleep in real life.

In addition to this juicy tidbit of information we learn that two modes will be available for online multiplayer: With “Friend participation” we can play with our friends only, while with” Random participation” we’ll be matched automatically matched with players around the world with a skill level similar to ours.

Online matchmaking can be used at the same time as local multiplayer with the PS3 version of the game (meaning that you can play with a friend at home and still connect to the internet to recruit more companions), but this won’t be possible with the PS Vita version.
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It's Dragon's Crown week at ign.com. First up, a video exploring all six classes.

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One thing that still confuses me that I have not seen mentioned clearly yet is what do these letters mean. All they keep saying is so-and-so character has a B rating here and an S rating there, but never explain what that means.
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It's a Japanese game, so they often use a letter grading scale for evaluating performance or trait quality. Like ours, a grade of A through F is best to worst, but even better than an A is an S grade. Some games even use SSS as our equivalent to AAA. Note that their scale usually includes the letter E as being a tad better than F.

So in Dragon's Crown, all characters have various traits that are graded - strength, constitution, intelligence, magic resistance, dexterity, and luck. The Dwarf, for example, has great strength and defense, but is balanced by low intelligence (poor magic) and weak magic resistance. The Sorceress is literally the complete opposite in these four categories. This will help us in choosing which character fits our play style.
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