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I was sort of distracted by the blatant product placement. Not only were they eating Carl's Jr., they incorporated the "nice buns" ad campaign into the story! Oh well, the new norm smile.gif I guess with the 30 second DVR skip button, television has to find new ways to bring in revenue.
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Yeah, the blatant in-show advertising of that garbage food was pretty awful. That said, I should never expect any common propriety and nuanced product placement from this show.

I just want to know how many potheads went searching for disgusting quadruple cheeseburgers after watching the episode.
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I missed the episode titled "Beer Heist" frown.gif

Available on Netflix by any chance? I'll be watching tonight's episode in an hour though biggrin.gif
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It's been an inconsistent season. However, the documentary episode a while back is the funniest of the series in my opinion.

Last night's show was decent. I liked how they expanded the lighter side of Alice's personality a bit more.
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