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Internal Blu Ray Recorders....Questions?

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I have been using DVD Fab to copy DVDs for some time. I back up my discs for my personal use. I want to do the same with Blu Ray. I have waited till I thought that the software had developed and the recorders and media prices came down to a reasonable point. I think I am about at a point to purchase but I have a few questions you guys may be able to help me with.

It seems there are several different kinds of BR discs. Most of the lower priced BR internal drive Player/burners will burn the the 25 GB BD-R and BD-RW discs. Then they will play the BD-R DL & the BD-RW DL.

I notice the units that will also record the 50 GB dual layer discs are about 40-50% higher in price. The blank media is really expensive! One of my questions is......If all I want to do is backup a prerecorded BR movie what disc/recorder do I need to accomplish it without compression? In other words usually how big is the file or info on a prerecorded BR movie (just the feature)? Can I use the regular 25 GB media or will I need the DL stuff?

I see a Sony internal SATA BR player recorder that plays and records all standard format stuff and plays or is "compatable" with the DL stuff for $99.99 at Tiger Direct.

It's discs are $2 each. The DVDFab Blu Ray Copy software is $60. I would probably use it since I already have the DVD Copy. All together a $190 investment (including the 15 discs) to get started. Not too bad!

Please tell me if I am on the right track. What do I need to make an uncompressed copy of a BR movie? Thanks for the info! Franksta
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I don't record in BR but I do converse with someone who does. He said most BR movies(not including any extras) are just a tad bigger than 25GB and won't fit on a SL blank. He uses a small amount of compression(going from 26-27GB down to 25GB doesn't require much compression) and he's quite happy. AFAIK he hasn't played with DL BR since the discs are so expensive.
With the cost of HDDs you might also want to consider putting many movies on a HDD and then you don't have to worry about compressing anything.
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Also keep in mind, to compress a Blu Ray you need a fairly powerful computer, and I don't recommend anything shy of a quad core processor. As stated above most Blu Ray movie files are in the 24-32 GB range without extras. I 've compressed many movies, and you can't tell a difference in video quality compressing these sizes down a bit, but it can take your computer a while. My i7@4.4 Ghz sandybridge can take 1-6 hours depending on the file size. I've seen older pc's take 12-48 hours to do the same thing.
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Originally Posted by rr6966 View Post

I've seen older pc's take 12-48 hours to do the same thing.

Exactly what I've heard
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Wow! I haven't considered the time element! I have an HP that is only a few months old. It is only a midrange PC. All I thought I might need. It has an AMD PhenomIIX4 830 processor at 2.80 Ghz. Probably a 6-8 hour job at least huh?

I am going to ask a dumb question....If I copied the uncompressed file to an external HD that was SATA or USB compatable could I just plug the HD into a PS3 and play the movie through it in full resolution? Does there have to be some special software available that the PS3 doesn't have? I assume that I could do that on the computer but the small screen would be a bust. My computer is SATA capable so I could probably rip the file fairly quickly. But of course the PS3 has USB inputs. I know you can play audio files from an outboad HD on the PS3 just don't know about the BR file...?

If the compression cycle was extra long when transferring to a disc it might take the joy out of the job. Things to consider. Thanks for any answers or help! Franksta
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