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Amy (PSN)

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looks good to me. Survival horror is severely lacking in titles this gen.
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From the Playstation Blog:


By your side is a strange little girl named Amy, who can't speak but whose face expresses both fear and sadness. While you're fleeing and trying to protect her, you realize that being close to her stops the contamination and even temporarily heals you. That might be the reason why infected humans, grisly creatures, Special Forces combatants and even other survivors are after the two of you. To stay alive, you will have to help each other.

But contrary to many games with a secondary character, Amy is neither a super warrior nor a docile character that follows you. You can use her small size and weight to reach inaccessible areas and ask her to do specific actions. Being a child, Amy is also naturally curious and will explore the environment with you - sometimes she might even draw your attention to something you would have missed.

More importantly, Amy possesses several special abilities. By pressing R1, you can hold her hand. This enables you to heal, but also lets you feel Amy's heartbeat through the rumble of the DualShock 3, which lets you feel her stress level while you explore dangerous locations. This might be very useful, even if holding her hand slows you down. Amy also has several other special abilities that I'm not going to detail nowbut trust me, you will like them.


Your overall goal is to escape with Amy, and find a safe shelter to save her (we call this mechanic exfiltration). You'll hide, run, fight, solve puzzles and use cunning, and you will often be free to choose your tactics. In addition, while you progress, you will meet different characters and explore the special bond between Amy and Lana.

One of our goals is to make you feel the fragility of Lana and Amy. Lana is not trained to fight; Amy is just a kid. But you can try to avoid your enemies, for example, by hiding in a closet or under a table. While hiding, you can spy on your pursuersbut be careful!

Another option is to use your infection to your advantage. When you show signs of infection, most of the enemies won't attack you if you move slowly. But you will have to avoid the soldiers, who will shoot you on sight, and you'll need to stop the infection before its too late. Most of the enemies are able to communicate with each other so if one spots you, the others will rush in to attack. If you're clever, you can exploit their intelligence to deceive them and trigger a fight between soldiers and infected humans.

But being smart won't be enough. When cornered, you'll need to gather your courage and fight back tooth and nail because your enemies are fierce. Although you have an inventory, you won't be choosing between tons of items: You will have to make do with small weapons: clubs, crowbars and the like. Lana only carries light items with her and uses only one weapon at a time. In a pinch, you can sometimes use the environment to your advantage, for instance by attracting an enemy into a water puddle and electrifying it.
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More videos. How contamination works:

Relationship between Lana and Amy:

Coping with enemies:

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Looks fairly good for a PSN game, but also looks like they got some major tech hurdles to get over in terms of screen tearing and frame-rate issues.
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Not a person who puts too much weight into reviews, But this is baaaaaaad. As in I've never seem a game I was interested in get a review this horrible.

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there's quite a few words in that review, but ultimately he just keeps repeating how much he hated. Thats a pretty terrible review, even if the game itself is terrible.
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It's IGN. Poorly written reviews is their specialty. They're not known for producing good writers or well regarded game journalists. They have tons of writers. Lots of employee turnover. And they write about everything. If it exists, they've probably written a review for it. They can't be bothered with quality.
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Yeah, I tried finding a way to see what this guy has written, and there appears no way to pull up just reviews by the same person on the site. Not surprised. He has done some sort of podcasting though, but they don't appear to be real reviews.

Did find a photo of the guy, and no surprise at what he looked like when imagining him from his writing. Looks like he couldn't wait to get back to doing things over, and over, and over.... in COD MP. Oh wait.

I'm sure the game isn't ready, as the latest videos had me questioning both some design/gameplay decisions recently revealed, and the fact that there were still obviously engine issues. Being a download game, I think it was just a little too ambitious for their small studio. Especially considering it looks along the lines of an old school RE/SH.

But as said, this review really doesn't say.... anything. Dude bro didn't like it, so you shouldn't too! Buttons need to be pressed! Herp derp!
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Like I said, not a big review guy, but the amount of venom this guy dumps on this game was way surprising. IGN, and all these other tech sites, are business's and they are out to turn a profit. Yes, they try to act like they are fair and unbiased, but they are looking for gains like any other business. And when a review this badly comes along I tend to believe them over reviews of games that get 8s 9s and 10s. There is nothing to be gained from murdering a game like that (unless it's something of more substance and they are looking for traffic, which isn't the case here).

I can't wait to demo it (if the game is actually this bad, i doubt they'll even let us) or have someone else give her a whirl to see what's what.
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Granted it wasn't a masterfully composed review, but he did mention some pretty major issues with specific detail. Such as broken hit detection, Being almost unable to pick items up, and a couple others. When a game is that broken with regards to controls, it's hard to get much else out of the game.
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Well see. Problem with the review is we don't know to what degree, as he doesn't compare it to anything but something inside his head.

Games are held up higher and higher polish and refinement standards, but if it plays like RE/SH, with issues like those games, but is a $10 PSN title.... well, is it still a 2? There's not many full 3D DL titles out there, because it's a whole nother scope.

I'm not really sticking up for this game, just saying this review is laughably less than worthless. Not that I use IGN anymore anyways.
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Originally Posted by futurecode View Post

Like I said, not a big review guy, but the amount of venom this guy dumps on this game was way surprising. IGN, and all these other tech sites, are business's and they are out to turn a profit. Yes, they try to act like they are fair and unbiased, but they are looking for gains like any other business.

Plenty of other sites try to gain readers by being professional. They're the de facto stopping place for casual and young gamers, so IGN can afford to write crap because they'll always have a steady stream of "readers" who are really only interested in the final score anyway.

IGN favors crowd pleasing games rather than games with genuine quality. Their review for God Hand is infamously harsh. And, like this Amy review, their review for Dead Space 2 caused a bit of an uproar for how poorly written it was. The reaction was so bad that I think the review was ultimately rewritten and republished.

Anyway, the game looks like it could use some work. Interesting ideas, but some of what I've seen is an automatic deal-breaker (especially the combat).
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Originally Posted by TyrantII View Post

Games are held up higher and higher polish and refinement standards, but if it plays like RE/SH, with issues like those games, but is a $10 PSN title.... well, is it still a 2?

I hope reviewers never grade on a price curve. A good or crap game IS a good or crap game regardless of price.

This guy at IGN does name a number of technical issues with the game, and he thought they were so bad as to make the game nearly unplayable. The review was badly written but he got his point across. Should he have amended the score just because it's a $10 game and not $60? Nope. Could he have been more specific about the negatives? Absolutely.
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Having played the demo on Xbox, I have to say either his review copy was horribly broken or he's just terrible at survival horror games. The game is very slow paced, which is to be expected from this type of game. The combat is pretty clunky, but not broken as the IGN review implies. I can imagine if you had to fight several zombies at once you'd be in trouble. Realistic, but frustrating if the game puts you into that situation. The voice acting ranges from subpar to terrible. Picking up items is no problem at all, so I'm very confused by that criticism. The performance definitely leaves something to be desired. There's a fair amount of screen tearing and some hitching, and I'd say the framerate feels noticeably south of 30 FPS. I don't think I'll pick this up on a console. I'll wait for the PC version to see if the performance is better, which I think would make the game more enjoyable. The story, which is the reason to play most games like this, doesn't seem great, but the demo doesn't give you a good feel for where it might go.
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Downloaded it for $2. Yeah, it's terrible. Not worth the $2.

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