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Just cut the jumper and TV works as good as new. Thanks for the post
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I just wanted to let everyone here know that this solution solved my problem as well. I've got the 55" Samsung, LN55C650, I bought about 18 months ago so it was out of warranty. This past weekend we noticed the flickering screen intermittently, on all channels, inputs and despite adjusting the eco settings.

I read this thread and watched gnsh's video on YouTube.

The solution seemed simple but I didn't have the balls to do it myself. I called Samsung and coerced them into extending my warranty enough to cover the repair and the repairman came out just now. When he opened up the TV, he pointed to the jumper describe above and said it needed to be clipped. He also said that he had a refurbished power supply board from Samsung that he could put in instead if I preferred. I opted for the whole board just in case there was any other issue. He smiled and said that was typical for customers.

The new board looked identical, except of course the jumper had been cut. The most difficult part of the repair was taking all the screws out of the tv to get it open.

So, if you can get Samsung to do it for you, great. If not, don't be afraid to try it yourself! I'll try to grow a pair before the next time and try it myself.
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Just wanted to chime in on this thread for anyone nervous, like I was, that the jumper cut doesn't work. I have the US version of the LN46C650 and cut the jumper a few months ago after 4 months of progressively worsening flicker. Samsung weren't interested in helping me out - my TV was around 18 months old when I contacted them.
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This fix really works! We were so thrilled to see the fix posted here and it took 10 minutes and we didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars! Samsung should be sued, acting like they don't know anything about this problem. They wouldn't admit anything to use and of course they want to tell us our warranty is expired and they can't help even when we told them about what we heard about this issue that tons of other people are having.

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I am beyond happy to have found this info as the strobing/flashing was driving me nuckin' futs! However, when I opened up the back panel to my LN40B750, it looks much different than the LNxxC series. Even worse, no JP852 or JP854 to cut. Different board all together. I am seeing a BN44-00284A in there. Anyone know the jumper on an LN40B750 with this board in it? I've searched Google high and low with no such luck as of yet. Thankfully the replacement board is pretty cheap on shopjimmy.com but I'd hate to drop $70 if I can do the jumper fix. Anyone? Please?
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This was FANTASTIC news! We thought we were going to have to buy a new TV! Thank you all for posting such informative videos and photos. It is GREATLY appreciated!
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There is a simple fix for this, which is cutting a jumper on the power supply board on the TV. I have the same 55inch model and it started strobing periodically and increasingly about 9 months out of warranty. Complete internet skeptic here, but I found a tutorial regarding this fix and figured I was going to have to call a repair shop anyway so didn't really have much to lose. It works like a charm. 15 minutes to dissasemble and reassemble and it now works without a flicker. Just remove the back panel by taking out the 15 or so black screws, then snip the small jumper wire marked JP854 (I understand it's JP852 on the 46inch model). it's on the uper left side of the light brown colored board.
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Just fixed my 46" Samsung by snipping the jumper. Took all of 5 minutes!! Thanks to everyone
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Thanks for posting this fix. Another satisfied do-it-yourselfer here. It helped to have a buddy over at the time for moral support. But fix took all of 9 mins...4 mins to remove the screws...1 min to find jumper JP854 and 4 mins to put the screws back in.
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I have the exact same problem!!! If I wrote it myself, my tv is doing the same.
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Thanks to this forum. I cut the jumper last night and my tv is working. My contact with Samsung on 2 separate occasions was frustrating. Purchased tv Feb 2011 and started having problems during summer (1 1/2 yrs after purchase). They told me I was out of warranty Oct 2011. I didn't even have paperwork to submit to them until 2-4-11 which is when tv was delivered. Their customer service reps are rude. I will never buy another Samsung product. My daughter has a 60 in Sharp Aquos and my mother a 55 in Sony. Both are beautiful, older than my set and still working. Friends of mine that had trouble with their out of warranty Sony received assistance on their set. An expensive electronic should last more than 18 months. I have the 55 in LN55C650. Paid $1,500.
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Thank you very much for this info.... I'm 19 months into my 46 inch and Samsung told me I'm responsible for the repair costs so I decided to tried this fix. Well I'm a few days into the jumper cutting and so far all is well, more flickering ....what a relief because I love the TV otherwise and was in no position to spend more money I don't have. I am very disappointed with Samsung though for not standing behind their product with so many of these problems out there. Anyway thanks again for the post and good luck with your Samsung.
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Thank you for the 15minute fix. NO FLICKERING,STROBING NOW.

Samsung 55" 1080p 120Hz LCD
Version SQ01

7/24/2012 most anytime tv was on, it flickered after being unplugged within 15 min or as
soon as commercial came on with different screen size.
7am Had unplugged all night. Turned on screen good them after 50 minutes a commercial
came on , smaller screen size. I turned off satallite for a few seconds then back on, no
flickering yet.
Starts flickering when changes from program to commercial
Unplug for a few minutes then plug it and most of the times it stopped
Did everything Samsung had on Flickering.
As unplugged the Internet.
5:30 pm
Picture not flickering.
Started flickering
Turned off cell phone, No help
Left the tv ON & Dish ON
Started unplugging tv power on the back as I did several times, but not with tv On.
As I began unplugging flickering stopped for now.
6:45 pm
Started flickering
Hooked up Internet
Moved tv back plug wire and flickering stopped again
took to TV Repair
Picked up tv
He checked everything and found nothing. Take it and see if it does it again
8:30 pm
Tried to flicker twice when going to a bright commercial
9:45 pm
Again when a bright white background commercial starts, so did the flickering, but just a
9:48 pm
Started flickering again for about 10 seconds then stoppedi
Flickering started for a few seconds, fixed itself
Started had to turn off tv
Back on and OK for 15 minutes
Then flickering again

10pm flickering
Found YOUR website for fix
Changed ECO settings
Open Back
Clip JP854wire on power supply board

Opened back of tv 5 minutes
Clipped JP854 wire on power supply board
Installed back 5 minutes
Plugged in tv
NO Strobing/NO Flickering
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Thank you for the 15minute fix. NO FLICKERING,STROBING NOW.
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Thank you so much for the infor on the jumper fix, saved me a lot of time and money by snipping that one little wire!
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i have this same issue with my tv but mine is a different model number
ln46d630m3fxza. i have been without a watchable tv for one day can anyone tell
me which jumper to snip to correct my tv?
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Hi. my daughter has a 46" Samsung LCD LE46530C with the exact same flashing problem. The TV is 2.5 years old. We rang the Samsung helpline and was told there was a software update to fix it! He told her to go to the websiye download it on to a stick and plug it into the back of the TV - did this but the TV just responded with no updates apply. Told the helpdesk and he said he'll send her a stick with the update. Don't believe it will fix the problem. Does anyone know if the board is the same , i.e., cut jumper JP852 to correct the problem?
Appreciate any help.
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I cut JP852 on my LN46C630 last night , put everything back together again, plug it in and now only have sound with NO PICTURE... I did not touch anything other than the JP852... Any tips on this?
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You nailed it! I did the jumper cut and my set is fixed. First though I tried samsung on line trouble shooting, they are terrible and caused my over 30 minutes of BS nonsense. They took no accountability and tossed me asunder.
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Your advice worked! Thank you so much!
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May need to just get new board. Same youtube video tells you places to get one. Seems just as easy to replace. Why not. Samsungs not gonna help!
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Just wanted to put my two cents in....Was having same prob. Getting jerked around by Samsung as they know they have prob if one youtube site has over 29,000 hits. Divide by half and that's still a lot of us getting a bad product. My husband and I were a little leary with some people not having jumper clipped work or making things worse, but ultimately it couldn't get much worse than our 1300.00 dollar strobe light!
We went to Youtube, watched video, made the cut and Perfecto! Works like a charm now.Only took 15-20 min.. Thank Goodness!
I'm REALLY ticked at Samsung and hope they do something about this or it seems like a class action law suit may have to get their attention.

Good luck to all of you out there with this prob. It really stinks to find your barely over 2 yr old tv has a terrible prob but thank goodness all of you are out there for some help!
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I had the same problem of back light strobing - model #: LN46C630K1F.

I bought the TV two years ago - the probelm surfaced about a month ago. I tried to contact Samsung to verify the correction of cutting the jumper JP852. I got nowhere. Not wanting to do this myself I contacted a technician who did exactly that. We opened the back panel. He cut the jumper exactly where previous posts said to and the problem so far has been resolved. It cost me $160 and took him literally seven minutes to do.

I sent a letter to the office of the president demanding payment for a defective TV. I am awaiting his response. If he is an honorable businessman he will do the honorable thing. We'll see and I'll post his reply. If not I can always sue them in small claims court - very easy to do.

For your information in case you want to send a letter -

Samsung Electronics USA
400 Valley Road, Suite 201
Mt. Arlington, New Jersey 07856
Attn: Office of the President – Mr. Y.K. Kim

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Also if you go to Samsung website on the bottom there is link "email CEO". Samsung should be shame of their cheap TV! I will never buy abother Samsung products!
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Hi, I have LN55C750 Model, anyone knows if it's the same solution for this model ¿¿??
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I'm having the same problem with the 40" model - LA40c550. The powerboard model is BN44-00340B, which doesn't have the same wire numbers as mentioned above. Does anyone know if there's a fix for this model?
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Great info. Thanks. Repair guy came out and fixed problem for only $64. I might have been able to do it myself, but I'd rather have someone know what they're doing. Simple solution. Worth every penny, because I was contemplating buying a new tv.
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Had strobing problem with my 46 inch Samsung. Found fix online. You have to take back off of tv and cut jumper 852 on power supply board. It actualy worked and no more strobing. Look for video on you tube. It shows how to do it. Pass this on cause it really works.
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Thanks Spudsdude, I had been having the same issue with everyone here. Intermediate strobe effect, turn it off/unplug it and it would work for another few hours and then flash again.

I finally got fed up with this and decided to give the jumper cut a try (I also found this youtube video to back up the suggestion above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZwQ0gRQ9sg). I am happy to say that I have it reassembled and seems to be working. I will report back if things go wrong, but I am hopeful that all will be good from now on.

Unfortunate that Samsung would not make this known and admit to their mistake.
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