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Floating bar shelves

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I'm looking for some heavy duty floating (concealed bracket) shelves for my barware. I have a number of steins, pislner glasses, and the like, and I want to display them on lipped shelves on the wall above my bar.

Has anyone seen shelves like this? Dark cherry / mahagony / chocolate stain would be ideal.

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I may have found them myself.

www.smartfurniture.com lists shelves with weight limits as well. Nothing with a lip to keep my 16Hz sub from shaking the glasses off the shelves though
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I believe lowes has them in the shelving isle..
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No support on the lowes shelves. Nothing more than 10-15 pounds.

They do have a nice lip though. Since tron and lotr have my walls shaking though...
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Ikea has what you need.

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Ikea +2 ! If you haven't found anyl look for the framsta wall panels and shelves! Easy install and very secure
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I'll have to look. Thanks guys!
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