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can this thing use sbs material? I will buy one if it can
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I just purchased an ML500 a week ago. It had the same problems you describe of always searching for HDMI during playback which also caused my audio to cut in and out. I had already turned the auto search function off. After speaking with Optoma and describing how I tried several players (Sony, Oppo) formats (HDTV, DVD, Bluray) and different HDMI cables (6ft, 25ft etc.) and different resolutions, they said to take it back to where I purchased it.

Long story short, I exchanged for a new one today and it has not given me the same problems (yet). I did notice on my new PJ that the female HDMI input felt more snug than the first one I owned. Also the manual focus felt more tight. I only had the first PJ for a week but I hope this helps. I am currently running a 25' HDMI and have had no such issues when running through my AVR.

Of course, my new PJ still searches for a signal at the beginning of starting a DVD or Bluray and sometimes searches after exiting the DVD or BD content menu if it is a different resolution. Also searches when switching to HDTV but I am guessing these "searches" are normal. It was the searches that were happening in the middle of content viewing that were killing me.

Based off my one day of testing the new PJ and having no issues out the gate, I might consider having yours repaired or taking it back for an exchange if that were still an option.

This is my first projector and I have nothing to compare it to. I am still testing on a white wall until I make up my mind but have been very impressed overall projecting a 108" diagonal picture and can't imagine ever going back to a TV exclusively. Already ordered a mount and a longer HDMI cable for perm. install (might need an active HDMI booster?).

Thanks to this forum for your time and I will continue to read the remainder of this thread since I have not finished it yet. Happy viewing.
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25ft HDMI cable length is borderline for consistent performance. Try hooking it up to 6ft cable and project it on something closer. See if the handshakes are quicker and less troublesome. If so, your problem is with the length of cable.
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As I said, the 6 ft HDMI had the same problems with my first ML500 which is why I chose to return it. Just a follow-up with my replacement ML500; still no connection issues with the 25 ft HDMI. I also ordered a 50 ft Blue Rigger brand HDMI cable and have not had any connection issues with it during playback (that is one thick cable). I am NOT using a repeater or booster but I may pick one up just to see if it helps in the initial connecting to sources quicker.

I still like this projector a lot and can't wait for my ceiling mount to arrive. I find myself re-watching movies I haven't seen in a while and it's like seeing them in a theater for the first time cool.gif

Off topic, I am also enjoying my new Yamaha HTR7065 AVR that replaced my still functioning 12 year old Pioneer AVR without HDMI connections. The new Yamaha really brought new life and clarity to my speakers and allows for the necessary single HDMI run for install.
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Woah, with all these faulty units, should I still go ahead and purchase one?

Also, does anybody know of any anticipated release of a 1080p version?

I'm really eye-balling this unit as 720p is good enough (I guess) with a price point at around $500. Oh yea, no bulbs to change is a HUGE factor in my selection criteria too. LED rocks!

I want to setup my basement theater soon and I hope you guys can help.

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Does this thing still have fan failure problems? I had one of these a year ago that I had to return due to the failure. Hoping something was fixed. Any insight?
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With all these scary failure rates, I went ahead with the Acer K330. Not only did the failure rates hold me back, but the fact that the ml500 didn't have an audio-out port really turned me off! I would look at the Acer K330 before buying the ML500.
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+1 waiting for 1080p version of this projector...
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Missing auto power off menu ?

I saw the auto power off menu in manual on older firmware but it's gone in newer version.
So I have to use manual sleep after 90 minutes and it's very annoying projector turned off without any warning message.
I wish there's kind of warning message indicating your projector will turned off in 10 secs if you don't press any key..
or bring back auto power off menu.
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I am going to buy a new LED Projector with at least 720p but i havent the time for reading 10000s of posts.

My question is, does this thing have any focus issues or not? Is one of the clones NEC LW50, ACER K330 better? Which one is the quietest?

Thanks for reply.
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2000+ hours and my projector went dim =( I tried to restore factory defaults and unplugging it for about 30mins but I have to go work now.... hoping it will work when I get back home does anyone know how much optoma charges to fix these things?
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I have the exact same issue! Had this unit about a year and put about 2500 hours on it and it just went dim. I can see the bulb is on, but I can only faintly make out the main menu with no other sources plugged in.
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Hi guys,

First of all sorry for my bad english but I'm not a native speaker.

I need to know If optoma ml500 has settings to adjust subtitles position, I ask this because when I use to play movie via USB subtitles are not centered , are in the left side. Thank you
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Originally Posted by Hobbygamer27 View Post


I am going to buy a new LED Projector with at least 720p but i havent the time for reading 10000s of posts.

My question is, does this thing have any focus issues or not? Is one of the clones NEC LW50, ACER K330 better? Which one is the quietest?

Thanks for reply.

Hi, the focus shifts after the unit has warmed up, also the lens is not the sharpest I have seen and it suffers from some CA. It is also a little noisier than some others in eco mode. I think most people prefer the K330.
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Optoma ML800 & ML1000 just released, are they worthy upgrade. Is Optoma communicating with component manufacturers TI to release DMD 1080p LED Optoma ML1100 model? I sent the chief exec of optoma an email to get a move on with the release.

Display Technology Single 0.45” WXGA DMD Chip DLP® Technology by Texas Instruments
Native Resolution WXGA 1280 x 800
Brightness1 (Bright Mode) 800 ANSI Lumens (LED)
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Other than the HD91 Optoma is coming out with another 1080P LED projector as in the Optoma ML1100 model ?
Wow, if that's true than that's good news and sure will be a hot seller.
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Anybody try the latest firmware update? [I'm behind the times so I do not know when it came out]. Did it help with anything?...like losing hdmi signal?
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FYI:  Woot.Tech has ML300 refurbs on sale for $229.




As the warranty is only 3 months, it's probably a good idea to pick up the Square Trade 1 year for ~$40.



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I've had one of these for about a year. Only have 385 hours on it. I did have the "searching" problem with my HDMI source a couple of times. If you wait, and try again it would work(?) Wasn't the cable length or the source, its the projector. (have it set to just see HDMI with the auto function off). Worked fine the vast majority of the time, so its just a glitch. I think the picture actually looks good once you adjust it and its warm (out of focus until warm)

Just now, I turn it on to watch football and nothing but the logo screen shows. The bulb looks bright, the fan is running and adjusting, and I can access the menu, but nothing else happens. No searching, no nothing. After you access the menu the screen is just black. I have it unplugged and will try it again later but I think its done.

Any ideas on what's wrong?

Does anyone else make a reliable, affordable LED home theater projector yet. This piece of crap obviously isn't it.
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Ive been trying to figure some things out about an ML500 unit (acquired second hand, with about 90 hours use total now):



Im wondering what firmware versions exist, and what are the pros/cons of each (unit seems to be: "C18")


On this unit Sharpness setting only goes up to "31". Has anyone ever been able to adjust the Sharpness higher in any mode or Firmware version?


Ive noticed there seems to be a lot of extra screen space/'real-estate' not used... In a dark room this is evidenced by a lighted rectangle which is _always_ larger than the picture being displayed. Similar to letterboxing, but extends horizontally as well as vertically, even with all widescreen, and fullscreen movies, respectively.


This is with S-Video, or Composite input (am not able to test HDMI at the moment). I guess that would be what the "Overscan" function _should_ be for? - However, when Overscan is ON (which it always is by default and returns to after a power off/on), there seems to be no actual increase of screen size utilized - only the edges of the picture getting cut off (similar to the Zoom function mentioned below), rather than utilizing the more/full screen real-estate available.


The Zoom button on the remote does nothing. The Zoom Control in the menu 'works' but still doesnt utilize _any_ more of the apparently available screen 'real-estate' (all edges are cut off).


The Aspect Ratio setting (AUTO, 4:3, 16:10, 16:9), _will_ utilize more of the screen realestate horizontally when the 16:10 or 16:9 modes are selected, but they _only_ _stretch_ the screen horizontally, even if it is a widescreen movie/picture (causing inaccurate proportion obviously).


Anyone know about these things?



an idea:


Could it be possible to attach/clamp some type of manual zoom or wide lens (from a camera, or?) to the outer lens of this kind of projector, to allow more flexibility for placement?


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