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My theater room is in the basement which allows me to have a completely dark room. Given that I'm unsure what I should go with for a paint recipe. I have been reading through numerous posts with paint recipes and I just don't know which one is right for me.

I purchased the following based on a post from MM ( as it looked like it was simple enough. Turns out our local Michaels is discounting CeramCoat White Pearl so I hope I can find it again if I run out.

1 quart Behr Premium Plus ULTRA UPW Interior Enamel (Flat)
1 pint Minwax Polycrilic Water Based Polyurethane (Clear Satin)
16 oz Delta CeramCoat White Pearl Finish. (Michaels Arts & Crafts)
8 oz. Water (Distilled or Filtered)

My setup:
  • 12.5' x 14' (WxL)
  • 100" 16:9 MDF Screen (49"x87")
  • Light controlled
  • Sony VPL-AW10 (hoping to replace this in the near future)
  • Dark wall color, black on ceiling

Given these details, what would work best for my setup? How much will I need for the screen size I have? I'm setup to roll the above recipe with a 1/4" nap roller, is there another low cost alternative?

Thanks in advance!