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Replace RUNCO CL 610LT

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I have had a RUNCO CL 610LT in my theater for 5 years, having to do nothing but replace the bulbs every couple of years. Suddenly my color wheel died the other night. To my surprise, when I took it to a RUNCO dealer, and researched RUNCO online, I was told that since Planar took over RUNCO, they are unable to locate parts for their "old" Runco line. I was told if they can ever locate a replacement wheel, it will be excessive in price to fix and take a minimum of several months. Runco has extended a very small discount, about 10%, over their fixed pricing model to replace this projector with a new RUNCO LS HB. My concern is whether or not Runco will have parts down the road when something is bound to fail? Anybody have any opinoins.

I am tempted to go with a bigger pocket manufacturer like Mitsubishi or my dealer has recommended the Sony VPLVW90ES.
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There are always issues when a new company takes over. Chrysler took truckloads of Lamborghini parts to the salvage yard and had them crushed. This created a shortfall of parts for older models. Once they sold the company Lamborghini had to recreate a number of models and reproduce all the parts for their older cars… A lot of wasted time and money at both ends.

In their defense the 610 has been out of production for about 2.5 years. However, at this point they should support it. New gen products are much cheaper and much better all around so a new pj at the same price point will be great.

I do not think you will have any issues; however, there can always be a problem. I know their current round of products is very well made and has great performance. I have not seen the LS-10HB, but I have seen the LS-3, LS-10, and all of their LED models. The LS-10 is light cannon and unless you have a huge, over 160”, you probably do no need the HB model. The standard, model has lots of light and great colors. Depending on the size of your screen you may want to get the LED version as the colors are amazing and no lights to change.
I can give you a lot more info and reviews if you pm me.

Hope this little bit helps.
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Personally, I don't need a Ferrari or Lamborghini. A Mercedes is just right. Sorry Runco can't supply a replacement part. Seems like it should be very simple to produce a few hundred dollar part to save an $8,000 projector. And why would go out and buy another Runco, Ferrari or Lamborghini if I have been burned by not being able to get a replacement part? Really, if I needed spark plugs for an old Lamborghini you don't think they could be found or produced?
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There are a few 610s for sale on Ebay. I donot know if you would want one of them and put the color wheel in yours or just use the "new" one.

You could also figure out what oem chassis was used and see what other brands use that color wheel.

Color wheels in general are fairly average.
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I've seen a number of Runcos and they really do tend to be overpriced, especially the used ones. There are some used Marantz projs on Videogon that will be superior to your current model (I saw an 11s2 recently), though you may have the same problem with parts availability. You could also pay a little more and get a new JVC (great customer support) or maybe a Sony. I think you may even be impressed by the Epson 8700UB.

I always thought the premium one payed for a Runco went to pay for the customer service, but the more I hear, it seems that is not the case. I wonder how other high end companies like Sim2, Wolf, or DPI, etc... compare.
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Just to put things in a bit of perspective, projectors (like most all consumer electronics) are not designed to be "fixed" anymore. It's quite likely that to "fix" the color wheel, the entire, or at least a large portion of the light engine would need to be replaced, which would be very expensive relative to the value (not original cost) of the machine.

Combine that with the fact that after a couple years, let alone five, technology, performance, and price have moved so far that it usually makes the high cost of repair a very tough sell.
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