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New Coke slides I created

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Hey guys I've created a new thread so everyone can DL my new slides I have created. So far I've done Dark knight and Terminator Salvation. Feel free to DL and use them for yourself. Just please do not post them elsewhere as I would like to keep them unique to AVS. Here is the like to DL them from Flickr.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/64015953@N06/ Though this is a really old post I should note that most of these are made in part with elements from the Coke Screen Play Vol.6 collection. I should have mentioned that when the post was originally made. My apologies to all offended.
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Very nice, thanks!
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Originally Posted by Randybw1 View Post

Very nice, thanks!

Just uploaded some new Tron Legacy slides. Hope you like them
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Just added a new category of slides. These are actor and director Biography slides. With these additions the total slides available is now 55.

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These are great! Could you please explain how you made these? Thank You
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Thanks for sharing these. I'd love it if you shared some of your surround sound slides too smile.gif
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