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css trio 12 versus tc epic 12 or?????

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I DIY four subwoofer cabinets 1.5 inch thick mdf cross braced, counter braced and cross counter cross braced.
7 cu ft each, 6 inch diam round ports tuned to 19 hz.

""subs"" I have now:
Subwoofers are 12 diam cheap chinese ""subs"" that I got for under twenty bucks.

I wanted to spend around 800 dollars for four subs but I have no idea whats a good deal??

I wanted to get some more Fi Car audio 12 inch subs but they told me in an email !!no money orders!!! whaaaaa I want my fi audio subs!! (I purchased from them when they were Resonant and Eric? was there.....really good!! subs!!).

So now I am left wondering what 12 inch subwoofer to buy??

I looked at the trio 12 but I am a dumb caveman on how it sounds in a ported box?

I have purchased four BASH 300 watt amps from PE but I am very hesitant to buy something from TC Sounds epic 12 since I have never heard about them?? (TC ?????.....since PE gives good service....so far).

I also had a look at Helix P12 precision subwoofer but I have no idea how well it works in a ported box?


I also had a look at Infinity Kappa

And to tell the truth I have no idea what represents a good bang for the buck subwoofer??
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Have you already built the cabinets? Do you live in the USA or Canada? If you live in the states then maybe consider the MFW-15 drivers that are available from forum member Erich. There are tons of builds in the DIY forum using these drivers. It's definitely the best bang for your buck driver but not if you live in Canada and pay all the extra fee's and taxes.

If you're in Canada then it would make more fiscal sense to order something else. The CSS Trio12 is a great choice. You can also order Dayton drivers from Solen such as the RSS390HO seen HERE although the 12" version might be more appropriate for the 300w BASH amps.

CSS just introduced the Trio12 Kit where you can get all the material for the cabinets precut and ready to build. I guess what represents the best bang for your buck depends on where you live.
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Cabinet build started in 2007 and finished?? in 2008 ...well at least the raw MDF build is finished but the exterior finish is still pending.

I live in CD. Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico but can manage to get things shipped to a u.s. addy.

On the plus side everything is made of concrete so just a few watts to even cheap drivers that barely fit the word sub produce results like this face

I will have a look at the MFW drivers since I really want to see if I can crack my shop window with some subwoofer SPL.


This looks like just what the SPL doctor ordered:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Another question is Amazon the best place to buy this for shipping to a U.S. addy??
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That is not the MFW 15 driver Danielson99 is speaking of. I've been trying to search for the website forum member Erich H has, but for the life of me I can't find it. Hopefully someone who has the link or where to buy the real MFW 15 drivers will chime in.

wrt TC Sounds.....their drivers (15" and 18") is highly regarded in the DIY community- highest priced too. But compared to the competition (well.....whose left) their drivers allow you to use a smaller cabinet.
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found another mfw 15 subwoofer ??

mark scfiter and mark seaton??

will the real mfw 15 subwoofer please stand up???

sigh kole audio mfw 12 is sealed only .........snif.
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