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Originally Posted by phoshizzle11 View Post

The white streak on the panel where the silver bezel meets the panel. It looks like white dust on the black part of the panel. I think this is the "fix" that they put in.

Ok...I see it. Odd. Does it bother you much? It doesn't appear to me that it would be noticeable except up close.
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just got my 59d7000 delivered 5 days ago, july build and it's a peeler.
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Hey Gents,

Sorry to bring this thread back to life but for the people with bubbling issues, have yours gotten any worse? I have 2 small ones on the bottom of my screen and wondering should I call bestbuy about it.
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Just in case anyone is still following this poll. Order a P59D7000 from Vanns through amazon. It was manufactured in Aug 2011 and in Mexico. No peeling as of yet. I have been using it regularly over the last 5 days. Got it on 11/24/2011
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I got my 59D8000 the beginning of October. We noticed 3 weeks ago the lamination on the bezel started to peel or separate itself. I call and put in a service request and the rep. asks if I hit my tv with a hammer when mounting it on the wall.....Really?! She then gives me a confirmation number. Its the holiday so I was too busy to call to ask where my service request visit was. I call today and the rep. now asks I take a picture and fax it over.....That is possibly the most non intelligent thing to ask for. Taking a picture can not show the damages and then faxing will lose any clarity and just come out poor. I told him that was a joke. For $2000 none of us should be having this issue.....Rep. said first time I called they didn't request service.....I am pretty disappointed already with Samsung and I heard they had good CS reps.....
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Just got my PN64D8000 delivered today from Amazon. Build date is October 2011 and it's already peeling out of the box. Haven't even fully unboxed it yet. This one is going back.
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April build that peeled in the upper left corner but hasn't got any worse after using the break in slides when I first got the tv.
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A couple things to keep in mind:

First, this isn't a thread about all problems related to Samsung PDPs. This is related to the AV filter or lamination on the screen itself. I can't help you with problems unrelated to this other than to tell you to call Samsung and insist it gets fixed. It took a lot of persistance to get this problem fixed and it may take persistance on your side.

Second, if you have peeling you should get it fixed. The warranty is limited in duration. There is a working solution, I got it, and can testify first hand to its effectiveness.

Third, there is simply no way to know if the peeling will get worse with age. I know a couple of you have decided to wait it out since most of the time the peeling is barely noticeable and doesn't intrude on the picture. But there is simply no way to know if it will get worse after your warranty is up.

Lastly, you should always return a set if it is broken or otherwise defective on delivery. If a company allows you to return it...do so. If you accept a delivery, knowing it is defective, you may not get warranty coverage. Triple check your screens upon delivery. Do not accept delivery until you are allowed to look it over thoroughly. If you have to tip the driver, so be it.
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Had my TV repaired today and saw the bulletin for the O-Ring fix first time. I was able to get information off of it. It states TVs affected were manufactured between January-June 2011. TV sets listed are:
  • PN59D7000FFXZA, Start S/N Z3423CRB100000, End S/N Z3423CRB600001
  • PN59D8000FFXZA, Start S/N Z34C3CRB100000, End S/N Z3423CRB600925
  • PN64D7000FFXZA, Start S/N Z33O3CJB100000, End S/N Z3423CRB600203
  • PN64D8000FFXZA, Start S/N Z33R3CJB100000, End S/N Z3423CRB601313

Let me know if you need any other specific information I can try and provide
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need the bulliten number! Samsung is trying HARD to say its not covered.
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