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Is Sirius dead? - Page 2

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I have a question that should provide many answers. Has anyone with a Sirius Lifetime Subscription successfuly moved their subscription to the new LYNX model?

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I also have a question about subscriptions. Bought a Sirius unit at a yard sale months ago and found the other day that it has a working subscription. How can I find out if its a lifetime sub if I have no ownership records or contract? What would I need to transfer this potentially lifetime sub to another unit?
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The radio has a nique ID that is tied to the subscription. It's like a 12 digit or so alphanumeric number(Can't remember how big, exactly, and I'm not near my radio). You should be able to call up Sirius customer support with this number and get info on the subscription. I haven't had much luck with asking much more detailed questions from their tech support. I haven't even been able to get a straight answer about them discontinuing the Sirius models in favor of XM, but I think even they could answer that for you.
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