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MakeMKV and AnyDVD-HD won't read True Blood Season 3 disc 1

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I have never encountered this problem before. I cannot rip the first disc of True Blood Season 3 on blu ray, that I just purchased. All of the other discs ripped just fine. In fact, every blu ray I own, can be ripped, except disc 1 of True Blood, season 3. The disc plays perfectly in my ps3. There are no visible imperfections on the disc. I even rented the same disc from Blockbuster, and ended up with the same results.

I open up the program, MakeMKV, and then insert the disc. MakeMKV displays the following info: Type: Loading. Label: Please Wait. Disc Information: Disc is being loaded.

This last for about 15 seconds. Then MakeMKV tells me "No Disc Inserted." Wonderful! I guess I'll try AnyDVD-HD instead. I enable AnyDVD-HD. Normally, when I do this, it says that its scanning the disc. I get no such message. I tell it to "Rip Video DVD to Harddisc." I then click on "Copy DVD." It tells me "Drive D: is not ready." Drive D is my blu ray burner.

I've looked on Slysoft's forum, at the frequently asked questions. I don't think AnyDVD-HD, nor MakeMKV is the problem. I've uninstalled AnyDVD-HD. I then went to MY Computer. My computer acts as if my D drive is empty. Based on the FAQ, at Slysoft, the problem is with my computer, not AnyDVD HD. The FAQ suggests that I have a loose SATA cable, or my blu ray burner is slowly dying. I don't see how it could be any of these problems, because I can pop any blu ray I own, into the drive, and it will successfully read the disc. How is it possible for my computer to act as if my D: drive is empty for just one disc? It won't even acknowledge that the disc is in the drive! And yet somehow, every other disc reads just fine.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Cpu: i7 930. Graphics Card: AMD 5870. 6 GB of ddr3 ram.

I have no idea what is wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.
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make sure you have latest version of AnyDVD. I had similar trouble with new release of True Grit. AnyDVD HD would not inicate there was a disk in drive. Beta version fixed it (which is now a few versions old)
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Thanks for the reply Country Bumpkin. I have AnyDVD HD, which is the latest version. I have also posted this same question on SlySoft's forums. I am also posting my question here, because I find avsforum to be a more helpful forum.
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I fixed the problem. I own a LITE-ON Blu Ray burner, model # IHBS112. I thought that I had my firmware up to date. I had previously went to LITE-ON's website, and looked up my blu ray burner's model #. It didn't show any firmware available for my burner. So I went into Device Manager, and it said that my firmware was up to date.

I went over to Newegg, to see if other people were having the same problems as me. While reading the reviews for my blu ray burner, I found a very helpful review. "Meister," wrote the following:


No link on the company site for latest firmware download for this HBS 112-OEM burner. I emailed company for a link to the latest firmware. They kindly responded back within a business day with a link to "SmartPack Setup 1.20.6," which is also the same exact link available on their website for firmware download to the next model up, the HBS212... None the less, this firmware download updated from CLOB to the latest firmware, CLOK.

So I went back to LITE-ON's website and downloaded the firmware for HBS212 and installed it. It immediately fixed my problem. My computer now recognizes True Blood Season 3 Disc 1, and so do MakeMKV and AnyDVD HD. It's amazing how every time I have a problem with my computer, I end up wasting hours trying to figure it out; only to discover later, that it was some simple, easy solution.
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