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A view of the finished ceiling of the Dinner Theater.

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Stunning. Just stunning. eek.gif
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I venture to say I have opened this thread and thumbed through 100+ times. Great work and attention to detail. If I am ever near your location, I am definitely stopping by. Florida is a bit far though.

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Great work, I've followed along.

Best of luck
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I know my posts as of late have been somewhat non-AV related, but that is soon to change. I have taken my final measurements of my baffle wall in order to properly size the DIY screen I will soon purchase from SeymorAV. The walls of the dinner theater should finish getting painted this week, so I am also very close to hanging the twelve 1pi surrounds. Gonna need to find some effective 7.1 demo content to hear what the sound can really do. :-)
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Get "The Orphanage" and watch in spanish with the subtitles. It would be perfect 7.1 in that big building. Make it dark......and scare the crap out of your viewers.
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I should note that after having closed cell spray foam sprayed between the top of the can lights and the floor above, and with the sheetrock now installed, nothing rattles no matter how hard I crank things on the mains and subs. Very clean sound remains. I have spoken with the rep from Seymour AV, and the screen (as a DIY project) is only going to cost us $320. :-) I will be ordering it today.

The final screen size is 161" (W) x 90.5" (H) ... or 185" measured diagonally @ 16:9 aspect ratio. Around that will be a 3.5" black velvet border.
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Looking for a good HDBaseT wall plate to convert my long Cat6 runs to HDMI. Anyone have any experience with these and able to make a recommendation?
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@Jimmy: Thanks for the reply, but I am actually looking for an HDBaseT product. These are very new, are not passive, and require only one Cat5e/6 line to function. The device you have linked to is a passive device that requires two Cat5e/6 lines in order to work. Now, I did run two lines to the main projector (just in case future crazy resolutions required the extra bandwidth), but I only ran one Cat6 to the location of the HDTV in the tasting room.

Specifically, I am wondering if anyone has any experience using a specific HDBaseT product? I am also looking through other areas of the forum for an answer as well, but though it prudent to post here as well, since it is a part of the Dinner Theater's build.
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Originally Posted by Jimmys15 View Post

I think this is what you are looking for:

i bought that one months ago and it did not work for me with a 25 foot run, using 2 cat6. It only worked with specific devices, like some lacked the output strength.
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I am thinking about using two of these. They are $189 each. I wonder if they make a tried and tested "wall plate" version of this as well, as it would be nice to maintain the "finished" look.

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The TV mounts that will be used to mount the twelve 1pi speakers (surrounds) arrived today. I will finally connect the surrounds up to the system later this week! Monoprice had these mounts at "fell off a truck" prices. I spent $80 total for all twelve of them. Very solid construction, and very happy with them. :-)

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I have two sets of these that I use and they work just as planned. As a matter of fact ordering another in just minute

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Apologies again for my lengthy absence. I am putting the floors down over the next couple of weeks, but also began installing the 1pi surrounds. Today I am going to drive to Ames, IA to pick up our screen and will also look to installing that sometime this week. Here are a couple of photos.

The four left surrounds are installed, as well as two of the right surrounds. I hope to have the entire 7.1 system finished by the end of today.

The Acacia hardwood flooring is going down. This varietal is small leaf Asian Walnut.
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That floor looks good cool.gif
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Originally Posted by dutchswan0311 View Post

The Acacia hardwood flooring is going down. This varietal is small leaf Asian Walnut.

Man... Really great looking choice for your floors!

I know nothing about Acacia, is it relatively low maintenance given the amount of traffic you will have in your place? Or are you just planning on throwing a few coats of poly for protection?
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So, I gotta ask (hopefully it hasn't been asked yet), but what is the plan once you open?

I mean, are you going to have a website with movies and show times posted up? Are people going to need to make reservations?

You are going to have this amazing spot with an audio system that will trump almost every commercial theater out there, but are you planning on subjecting patrons to reference volume? Or are you just going to have head room available if you need it for large parties, ect… You planning on each table dining by candle light as to not detract from the movie? Or do the patrons to eat first (plans to serve food?) then enjoy a bottle of wine while they take in the movie of the night? Plans to have comfy lounge chairs for everyone, or are you going with easily stackable wooden dining chairs one would find in most restaurants?

I guess my questions are slightly off topic from a home theater - A/V perspective, just wanting to get the "big picture" perspective from the business side of the house. My wife drags me to wineries frequently and I've never came across something like this! If we had anything like this local to me, I'd frequent it often!

Also, I have a quick suggestion. I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but you have done A LOT of great things on this thread and for those who stumble across your thread, I could see a table of contents in your first post as being very beneficial. It would be nice to if you were to link your Table of Contents to the applicable posts of your thread, such as:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: F20 Subwoofer (x4 for LFE)
Chapter 2: PI Speakers for LCR (4pi) & Surround (1pi)
Chapter 3: Amp Selection
Chapter 4: Final Audio Schematic
Chapter 5: General Construction (insert hyperlink)

Finalized Equipment List

AVR: Onyko TX-NR750 ($XXX)
Surrounds: DIY 1PI ($XXX)
Subs: DIY F20 ($XXX)
LCR Amp(s): Crown XLS2000 x 3 ($XXX)
Surround Amp(s): Crown XLS1000 x 3 ($XXX)
Sub Amp(s): Crown XLS1000 x 2 ($XXX)

Total Cost: ($XX,XXX)


Something worth considering!
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Popa...I will answer you in more detail later.

I need to purchase our projector in the next week or so. I like the BenQ SH960 so far, but find my projector budget waning (having gone over budget on the audio). B&H and a couple other sites I am familiar with have it for $4,999. There are a few that have it for $3k - $4k, but I am nervous about buying from online retailers I have never heard of. That said, "East Coast TVs" has nearly 500 user ratings on Google, and wanted to see if any of you have any experience with them, or if you have heard one way or another about their reputation. Below is a link to the online retailers listed by google that have the SH960.

http://www.google.com/shopping/product/10009931659410511179?q=benq sh960&hl=en&sqi=2&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bpcl=39468505&biw=1024&bih=569&sa=X&ei=5q2-UM_NKOrryAGDvYGQDg&ved=0CFwQxBUwAA&prds=scoring:mrd.
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Are you going to have showings in full light? 5500 lumens is a lot of brightness- especially if you have a high gain screen. That kind of brightness kills your contrast ratio, and dual lamps could get expensive.
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The screen we are using is SeymourAV's Center Stage XD screen, which has an advertised gain of 1.2. Also, the projector will be approximately 27 feet from the screen, which I believe will dim the lumens a bit (for every double the distance, you quadruple the dimness?)

I am open to other suggestions for projectors that might fit our application. Unfortunately, my budget is now only $4,000.
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Guess what I did today...

The screen is 168" x 100" right now. It will receive a 5.5" velvet border that will alter these dimensions to 157" x 89", or ~ 180" measured diagonally.

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Been following your thread for a while now. Absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing, wish I were a whole heck of a lot closer!!

Your screen size won't "increase" with your border - just its physical dimensions... (Course i know u know that!)

Couple questions:

Have you set a date for your 'open house' yet? Seriously thinking about dragging my whole family out for it. (I think they can survive a 14 hour round trip to watch some movies, yeah?) smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

Have you purchased your projector yet? If not - holler at me offline...
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db-Kicker...Our tasting room is only open on Saturdays right now, but I do expect we will have all of the main level finished by New Year's Eve. I have not purchased our projector yet, but need to do so in the next couple of days. I'm just not sure what projector is best for us at the $4,000 price point. I posed the question at the projector section of the AVS forum earlier today, located here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1443657/winery-diy-dinner-theater-needs-a-projector-suggestions
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Originally Posted by dutchswan0311 View Post

Guess what I did today...
The screen is 168" x 100" right now. It will receive a 5.5" velvet border that will alter these dimensions to 157" x 89", or ~ 180" measured diagonally.

Screen looks great. Is that the normal DIY seymour av material? I thought its maximum height for DIY was 98".
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@cabra...their latest batch came out at 100". But you are correct, it is normally 98". Yay for me!
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Storm...good to hear from you. I guess I am not sure how one defines "full light". I like the Sony VPL-HW50ES for $4,000, but am not sure about the 1,700 lumen. I think my biggest problem is that I don't know how many lumens I need. The problem with erring on the side of caution with 4,000+ lumens is that I may end up with more than I need at the expense of my black levels, or other such considerations.

Does everyone think 1,700 lumen is sufficient for our application...mounted 27 feet from the screen?
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1700 lumens won't be enough. What's the light gonna be like? Candlelight?
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Ambient light will be much more than candlelight. Think normal inside lighting on a dimmer switch...just bright enough that people can eat. Further research has revealed that rather than focusing on the lumen output of any given projector, it is more effective to look at image brightness on your actual screen (measured in fL). Using Projector Central's calculator, I have calculated the image brightness on our screen for several projectors (with consideration to a 27' throw distance, a 180" image size, and a screen gain of 1.2). I read that the ideal image brightness for a light controlled theater is 16fL. The source went on to say that with rooms that have increased ambient light, such as a living room, an image brightness of 25fL - 30fL might be better. I will add to the list below for everyone to critique.

BenQ W7000: 11fL (21' 1" - 31' 8" throw range for 180" image size)
BenQ SH910: 20fL (18' 4" - 27' 6" throw range for 180" image size)
BenQ SP890: 22fL (21' 3" - 31' 11" throw range for 180" image size)
BenQ SP891: 25fL (21' 3"- 31' 10" throw range for 180" image size)
BenQ SH960: 30fL (21' 3"- 31' 10" throw range for 180" image size)

Dell 7700: 28fL (24' 3" - 29' 1" throw range for 180" image size)

Epson 5010: 9fL (17' 6"- 37' 5" throw range for 180" image size)
Epson 5020: 18fL (17' 6"- 37' 6" throw range for 180" image size)

Sony VPL-HW50ES: 9fL (18' 4" - 27' 8" throw range for 180" image size)
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27 feet is some serious throw distance, have you calculated the throw vs what he projector will do for picture size? 27 feet back seems like you would end up with a picture that's way larger then the screen.

edit. i see you were using PC calculator.

at that distance from the screen you may actually need the 4000-5000 lumens.
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