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How to connect headphone amp to DAC to receiver??

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Hi there,i'm kinda new to the audio world so forgive me if this is a n00b question.

I didnt know where else to post this so i figured i might as well post this in this section.

I'm Frederic from Belgium in Europe and i want to buy a Sennheiser HD 800 headphone but i don't know how to connect a few things.

First of all i want to buy a DAC because all my things (PC,PS3,XBOX 360 and later on BluRay player) are connected through HDMI on a Marantz SR 7005 receiver.(wich i have yet to buy)

Then i want to buy a good headphone amp that matches the HD 800 because he deserves a good amp.

How do i connect my headphone amp to a DAC then the DAC to my receiver so i can hear all my things that are connected through HDMI through my headphone amp (if its possible at all)

I have a solution in mind but dont know if it will work because i have yet to buy my receiver,headphone(amp) and DAC.

solution : from receiver optical OUT to DAC optical IN,from DAC RCA OUT to headphone amp RCA IN.

Will i hear all my stuff that are connected through HDMI through the headphone amp or will i have to connect my stuff (like PC and PS3) separately through the optcial INs from my receiver to hear anything.

I appriciate all the advice from you experts because i really am a newbie on this matter.

I hope you will enlighten me with your knowledge
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Do you by chance have a list of all the inputs and outputs of all of the equipment you have/plan on buying? I'd be happy to help brainstorm with you.
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My first thought is, "why do you need an external DAC at all?" That Marantz SR 7005 is a very nice AVR and already has a very nice DAC in it. It will accept all your inputs via HDMI and do all the digital-to-analog conversions very nicely. Furthermore, it has a nice headphone output section and should have no trouble at all with your Senn HD-800s, even with their high impedance.

In my opinion, you are searching for solutions to a "problem" that doesn't exist. That AVR will serve all your needs you've outlined. There is no need to waste money buying a DAC and headphone amp that will duplicate functions that the Marantz will do just as well. Furthermore, you would be creating headaches in setup and connections that you wouldn't have if you just use the AVR as intended. The convenience factor alone should be huge, not to mention that there should be no audible difference between it and any external DAC or headphone amp.

My advice is to buy the Marantz AVR if you can afford it and save your money that you would have spent on a DAC and HP amp. If you intend to use speakers in your system, use the money saved to put towards speakers.
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