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Samsung UN32D4005 vs UN32D4000

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Costco sells a store exclusive Samsung UN32D4005. This model does not appear on the Samsung website. Samsung's website shows the UN32D4000. The UN32D4000 is what is sold by Best Buy, Amazon, Future Shop, Crutchfield, etc.

The UN32D4005 is obviously different from the UN32D4000. It has a different base and a different bezel. It has two HDMI connectors in the middle of the back of the TV, whereas the UN32D4000 has four on the side of the back.

How does one find out more about a store exclusive model like the UN32D4005? I contacted Samsung support via their live chat. The customer support representative said he had no information on the UN32D4005 and that I should call their customer support on the phone. Samsung has support on their website for the UN32D4000 (manuals, fw updates, etc.) but they do not have support for the UN32D4005. The UN32D4005 is not mentioned anywhere on their website.

Can one assume that a review of the UN32D4000 in terms of image quality, image processing, calibration, etc. will apply to the UN32D4005. I would believe not. So what "normal" model should one use to compare the UN32D4005 to? If it is most similar to the UN32D4000, how does one find out what all of the differences are? For instance, do they use the same generation of LCD panel from the same manufacturing line?
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I am wondering about the same thing, but on UNxxD5003. Costco and Visions are the only places that sell the 4003. Now what is the difference between 4005 and 4003?

Someone in another thread mentions that the D4003 is a downgrade from D5000.

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