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New Sony KDL-46HX820: flashlighting and clouding - returnable? fixable?

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I own a Sony KDL-32XBR4 which has been great for four years but I wanted to trade up in size to something newer and just purchased the new Sony Bravia KDL-46HX820. This is one step down from the top of the line XBR HX929 and is pretty much the same in all ways except that it is dynamically edge lit rather than a full panel LED display as in the HX929.

I've had it since Monday and noticed something I've hoped never to see: flashlighting in the lower corners and extensive "Clouding" in many areas of the screen. This is apparent on black backgrounds. There is also a decided but faint shift left to right in color tinting from red to greenish blue on solid white backgrounds.

My question is do I have sufficient grounds for a product return/excange and if not can it be elminated/alleviated by ISF calibration or even Sony service? I'm rather depressed over this issue as I have invested quite a bit of money in it. The salesman believes Sony has the best video processors out there and I'm not so positive after living with this for some days. I've fiddled with the video settings to no avail.

I've read of these problems over the years and prayed that I would never encounter them. I guess my time has come. Sad...

Has anyone been a victim of this? How did you handle it? I realize no TV can be perfect but this to me is a legitimate performance problem. If all of these models did this then I would say there is little to do but such is not the case.

I would appreciate hearing from others. Thanks.
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You should definetely call them and get a replace for it. Such thing is not acceptable for such a high end TV with such price tag.

Let us know how it went after you contacted them.

By the way the point of the 'dynamic' part of the edge led is to turn off the dark parts of the screen (region). The settings of the Sony TVs are very configurable. Maybe it is possible to turn on/off the 'dynamic' part and maybe your set had dynamic function disabled by default.

So check your settings and enable the dynamic function.
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The salesman from the retailer is really nice. They do in home HT installation and sell a lot of nice mid to high end stuff. He is going to actually swing by my home after they close this saturday to check this out. That's good customer service in my view!

Though the Picture Modes offered, Vivid, Standard and Custom (what ever that means since all of these modes are customizable for each control), the I-Manual (what is with this stupid "I" ) refers to a whole bunch of other picture modes (Cinema, Animation, Sports, etc.) I couldn't find them. After a search I finally discovered them in something called "Scene Selects." Sony has poor menu design in some areas.

It was there I found Cinema, which when selected loaded this mode into the Picture Mode drop down list and I found under advanced settings including LED Dynamic Mgmt or something like that. The old setting I was using had it OFF. I turned it ON. I also set the Backlight from 5 down to MIN and the Brightness around 39. Using the Spears and Munsil calibration disc helped.

After all this the flashlighting and clouding disappeared but I still have a great picture. I think I will still have the guy come over to see both modes. The issue is still there but not apparent in the mode and settings I was wanting to use all along.

I will likely have a ISF calibator out around Labor Day to dial this set in properly. Keeping my fingers crossed...
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