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June 24th - The Next Next Big Thing

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Today's Show:
It seems the Home Theater industry has a new next big thing every few months. We read articles and blog posts from authors who claim anything Apple releases will be the next big thing that will revolutionize something somewhere. Others think anything that comes out of Google will reshape the modern technology world. We're going to go out on a limb and talk about something that doesn't come from either company. We know, we know crazy.

This most recent new shift in technology comes from a company called Bamboom. Their concept actually lines up pretty well with what we've been talking about on the Podcast for the last couple weeks. We've been somewhat debating the need for, or the role of, Broadcast Television in the US. The CEA has questioned whether or not we need to use all the spectrum we have now for OTA broadcasts. But what if there was a way to compromise? Maybe Bamboom can help with that. more...

Listen now - mp3
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Braden, I think it is crazy that the link to expand on the enticing title "The Next Big Thing" yields a 45 minute mp3 talk show!! Can't you just expand or summarize via a small article. I listened for 15 minutes, jumped to the end and gave up.

I decided to just Google "Bamboom". Boom, the useful quick and concise data I was looking for:

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I think ESPN or FoX Sports needs to go into local markets via OTA.
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Great idea! Too bad you have to live in New York to do beta testing. I wonder how long it will take to come to small cities like the one I live near, Houston, Texas.
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