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Help save Cinemagic!

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Cinemagic is my favorite channel on Sirius/XM.
It will stop broadcasting on July 1st. and become a online only channel. Help save this unique channel by emailing SiriusXM.

This will be the last straw for me and I've been a subscriber since 2002.
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I was told to email Scott.Greenstein@siriusxm.com directly and voice your concerns that Cinemagic is not going to be broadcast anymore.
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http://www.savecinemagic.com Click and post a comment!
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I have sent off an email to a guy named Jeremy Coleman (jeremy.coleman@siriusxm.com), but no response yet. I found that e-mail somewhere. Should I have sent one to Greenstein also? What the hell, I will send one off to him also. Keep up the good work Terminator840!!
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Well that's the final straw for me too.

Cinemagic was the last reason to stick with XM for me. I can get better choices elswhere with all types of other music but what DaveZ created was truly something unique. Reel Time was a fantastic hour with directors talking about their new films at length and Dave's musical taste was unmatched.

Sirius has ruined XM completely now... I'm out.
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Thanks Robert Clark,

..... for your perspective. "Cinemagic" is officially gone fim XM's line-up as of today ?

May I ask what are the alternatives to XM ? Pandora ? (are they subscription-based like XM ?) I listen to Live-365 but they are mostly internet-based. The types of devices beyond the 'net that Live-365 suggests don't seem to be as convenient as XM, although I've had a string of "bad luck" with XM's recievers.
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Yes, cinemagic has disappeared from the radio dial. I like pandora a lot, you can create custom stations to play what you want, for example I have a John Williams channel and a Bernard Herrmann channel among others.
Its free though they have a pay option that doesn't seem to offer much. I tried playing it over my smartphone app via bluetooth today and it worked like a charm.
I've used slacker radio and their cinema music selection is shockingly small. You will hear nothing but repeats after a few hours.
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Originally Posted by Terminator840 View Post

http://www.savecinemagic.com Click and post a comment!

Thanks. I just posted a comment, and saw many other thoughtful comments.

I just became a subscriber w/ our new car, and loved Cinemagic.

I wonder how they make these decisions. Are they able to track the number of tuners listening to each station, and for how long?

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Successfully cancelled my XM radio today, didn't take more that 8 minutes total!
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Cinemagic Reel Time can be heard on XM 104 the only program that i ever listened to on Cinemagic.
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