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compare Samsung PN59D550 to PN59D6500

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I'm trying to discover the essential differences between the Samsung PN59D550 & PN596500. It's maddening.

I tried the 'compare' facility on samsung.com/ca/ to compare these 2 TVs, but it's broken. I called Samsung and got a dweeb who agreed it was broken and then he brought up two windows side-by-side on his PC and started to read me the contents. Well, duh I can do that so I said thanks and hung up. It's very difficult to compare the specs tables and decide whether a feature is actually not available or whether they just forgot to list it.

It looks like the D6500 has the following that the D550 doesn't have:
(a) Smart Hub - all of those apps
(b) wireless built in
(c) digital noise filter
(d) BD wise
(e) auto channel search
(f) auto power off
(g) auto volume leveler
(h) caption
(i) clock on/off timer
(j) game mode
(k) sleep timer
(l) screen burn protection
(m) RF in (terrestrial/cable input)

Does that look about right? Assuming that I really don't care about youtube, netflix, web browsing, social stuff, etc. what are the real differences between the D550 and D6500. Is it the same screen? Same PQ? Same filters, anti-glare, etc.? I can afford the extra cash for the D6500, but if it's just for the smart apps, perhaps I'll save the money and get the D550. But if the D6500 screen is better, I'll go for that.

Thanks - this is my first post on AVS.
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I've seem them side by side at Best Buy and although I couldn't compare PQ very well I could see that reflections in the 6500 are dark and blurred while the 550 was almost mirror like.

The bezel on the 6500 has a brushed steel look while the 550 has the shiny black plastic.

Lastly, the 6500 is 1.5" thick while the 550 is 2.5".

I'm quite positive the panel in the 6500 is superior.
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most of your list in wayyyyy inaccurate. I have a pn51D550 and it does have some of those features. Digital noise filter, game mode, sleep timer, screen burn protection. Really the only differences between the 550 and 6500 is the screen is alot less reflective on the 6500 and it has the "smart tv" apps and a different bezel/stand. Picture quality may be better on the 6500 but I highly doubt it
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That's the problem with the list of specs for each TV. Each one is written by a different person, with no plan to write them in such a way to allow comparison.

Interesting that it might have the same panel, so the difference in price would be primarily AR and smart apps.
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I have the PN51D550 and it does have several of the features you list for the 6500.
Game Mode for sure, I use it. RF in yes it has a built in digital tuner, use that as well.
Burn it protection, auto off, digital noise filter, and caption.
The only ones I don't have are the Samsung Net Apps, BD Wise, and built in wireless.
Samsung's website is worse that Sony's for reliable product specs.
According the Samsung's site the PN51D550 only has 2 HDMI ports.
I can confirm that in fact it has 4 HDMI ports.
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