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JVC UX-J51 / UX-J51J Anyone?

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I'm looking for a micro system with good sound for dvd's and streaming from an Apple TV but an optical input is a requirement which really makes it hard to find qualifying equipment. Last resort is to just piecemeal a system together with a full-sized amp but I'd rather buy a matched, mated compact system as I have very limited space. One that has really caught my eye but there is basically zero info on the Internet about is the JVC UX-J51.

Does anyone know anything about this unit? It's for sale at 1 lone place (Crutchfield) but of course they want full MSRP.

Also I'm not sure where to post this thread as I couldn't find a forum for 'micro component systems' so if this should go to a better forum someone please let me know.
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It's supposed to get here on the 21st. After I get it set up and take a good listen, I'll let you know my thoughts. I'm pretty tough on audio equipment, so I'm hoping this is a good system.

I bought it to hook up to the TV in my living room (my place is a small two-bedroom condo). What drew me to it was it's sub out, it's USB input, and it's other inputs and outputs -- it's got more than the Onkyo and Denon units. In comparing specs, the JVC unit seems to be a remarkably close match to the Onkyo.

I know Onkyo makes good stuff, and I know comparing home audio with car audio is like comparing apples with oranges, but I had a JVC car stereo years ago that was absolutely top-notch, in my opinion.

I have my fingers crossed!
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Anyone have any updated opinions about this system? I'm comparing it to the TEAC CR-H238i in terms of what to buy for a home office that cannot handle full size components. For the same price or a little more I can get the TEAC CR-H238i into a pair of Cambridge S30 speakers, but the problem is the TEAC is 14 1/8" deep, and my bookshelf is exactly 12" deep. The TEAC CR-H238i is rated at 25W + 25 W (6 ohms, 1kHz, 0.5% THD), so for <0.1% THD for sound quality purposes one can imagine running a bit lower wattage into it. However, the JVC, which would fit my shelf at 11 13/16" deep, doesn't provide much information as to usable wattage for acceptable THD - they publish 40W x 2 at 4 ohms at 10% THD (which is a ridiculous measure) - how about telling me around what wattage I'd be getting 0.5% or 0.1% THD?

Interestingly, the TEAC weighs in at 9.3 lbs, while the JVC is at 5.1 lbs. So I wonder what's missing...

Anyway, anyone actually have this JVC system and can vouch for the actual sound quality?
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