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Passive FPR 3D ghosting problems in Interlace and Checkerboard - Page 18

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just tried the photo viewer and the only bit of ghosting I really saw was on the scene with lara on the boat, on the right hand side of the boat where it met the water and sky, was very mild though.
In gaming it is very distracting.

I tried the some acer edid's and the zalman edid and there was no difference.

I am also using 2 x gtx 670's in SLI smile.gif

The ghosting in games is mostly noticeable in the periphery of the screen. Especially in high contrast areas where an object meets the sky.

I also notice this vertical banding..


Especially noticeable in gaming mode but still there if you look for it in cinema.

On the fence weather to replace and get a projector, but seems they have their issues also, and finding a 1080p 3d one with very low lag is tough.
Also I have never experienced dlp tech, so have not seen the so called "rainbow" effect, but knowing me, if the tech is susceptible, then I will see it smile.gif

Told the retailer all the issues with the tv and he got on to panasonic and they said that they don';t acknowledge any of these things as problems, so basically my only option is to get a refund , less restocking fee of €180 frown.gif

Trying to decide what to do at present.

I got the passive tv in the first place cause I heard they suffered from no xtalk, but man, this is awful. If this is how they all are and nobody is complaining, then folks need their eyes checking biggrin.gif
3D films aren't too bad, but gaming with high depth is not possible, so therefore useless.
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Right , sent the retailer the photos of the banding and he passed it onto panasonic and they acknowledged it as a fault so they took it away today and I will be refunded.
Stuck using a 19" monitor now, as I already sold my 40" Bravia frown.gif

Anyway, back to the drawing board.
Between the overly glossy screen, backlight uniformity issues and light bleed in the corners, banding and a hopeless amount of xtalk while 3d gamin, the ET5 is not the set for me.

Considering a projector, but as it is my main screen I might have to take a mortgage out to pay for bulbs biggrin.gif

Dunno really, seems there is no PERFECT solution at the moment for the things I need it to do , so compromises are necessary.
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Just found out Netflix now has 3D movies streaming live and watchable for all 3dtvs. There are about 46 movies showing. A lot of them I've seen on Amazon costing 20 to 30 dollars now available to watch instantly at your command.

As long as your internet provider supports open connect, you are good to go.
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