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Cable management arm for rollable TV stand

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I work with data center servers fairly regularly and I'm very familiar with something used on rack-mount servers that's a U-shaped arm through which cables are routed at the rear of the server. When you slide the server out the front of a cabinet for service, it extends to become straight while keeping the wires safely contained within the boundaries of the arm mechanism, then when the server is pushed back in the cabinet, it collapses back to its original U-shape. Basically it allows the cables to extend and contract without having to worry about manually keeping them from getting pinched when the server is pulled out or pushed back into place.

I have a rollable TV stand with space for all my A/V components that I really like as it's a perfect fit for my gear. In cabling the equipment to the wall (speaker cable, coax, Ethernet, power) and the adjacent floor-standing front speakers, I've made sure there is plenty of slack to allow it to be rolled out of the way completely for easy access to the wall or the rear of the components. Right now, that extra slack in the cables in tucked underneath on the back side and resting on the carpet underneath. It extends easily when I roll the table out from the wall, but when I push it back into place I have to use one hand to keep stuffing the wires back in place so I don't roll over them and so they won't end up visible from the front or sides.

I've spent some time looking for some sort of cable management arm like those employed by (proprietarily-attached) rack mounted servers but can't seem to find anything close to this built for installation outside of a rack-mount data center environment. Is anyone aware of something like this that I would be able to use in this situation so the furniture could be rolled out (and the cables extended) then put back into place without having to carefully keep repositioning the cables so they're out of sight and won't get run over?


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Does it roll out from inside a cabinet or under a counter? I just read yesterday of a technique that someone suggested using a supended bungee cord to hold the cable bundle.

These could give you some ideas:
Middle Atlantic cable management tray

I think you could make a retractable arm similar to one used by a server. If you have enough slack, maybe you could use a bungee cord attached to the rear of the cabinet/closet.

Edit - found the bungee cord rec, from AVGregg at remotecentral.com, post #3. H suggests the bungee attached to the top back of the cabinet.
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