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Hi dhs135,

Let me see if I can help you out a bit.

I have also already done the MCACC sound test. I'm not sure what it really did but I did it anyway.
Well, to see what it did you can go to MCACC Data Check and it will tell you what adjustments were made.

Speaker Setting - Confirm that this is what you have.
Channel Level - Tells you what each speaker is set at
Speaker Distance - Confirm that this spec is close to your actual distances.
and on through the other selections.

No surround sound when playing MP3's through the PS3/Linkstation. Only the front and center speakers are used when listening to music. This happens when listening to FM radio as well.
The reason for this is that Music and Radio do not include Surround.
If you want to hear Surround then you have to use "Ext. Stereo" this turns on all of your speakers or check out some other Hybrid Surround Effects.

Watching .MKV movies from my laptop, using its HDMI out, will also not produce surround
You will have to check and see what your laptop is using for Audio Out.
I have my HTPC connected to my VSX 1020 and my Elite VSX 52
My Gateway uses Cyberlink's PowerDVD 10 for DVD's and Blu-Rays and there is a setting under Audio Preferences as to how it sends Audio out and to my receiver.
I have it send " non decoded Digital Dolby/DTS to External Device" this way it lets my Pioneer produce the Audio.
The other setting is a PCM setting so you need to check the program that you use for your HDMI's Audio Out and what it is set at.

Some TV channels, even HD ones, will do this to.
Not ALL Broadcasts are Created Equal!
If there is no Surround Signals present then your receiver cannot show what is not there...There is a saying.."Garbage In, Garbage Out!"
Not even all of my Pay channels like HBO or Encore has Surround!
I could go through my Time Warner Cable and tell you which stations have Surround and which do not, my receiver is on "ALC" if I see "Digital" I can expect Surround if I see "Stereo" I will not!
Right now I am watching "HD Theater" and my Surrounds are producing the program's Surround. I'm watching "OverHaulin'"
Sometimes you will find a channel like "HD Theater" and yet not ALL Programs have Surround.
Most old movies do not have Surround..you have to understand that it is not a problem with your receiver but the programming that it receives.
Like 3D, Surround is becoming more widely available.
This is why there are some Surround settings on your receiver that is producing kind of a Modified/Hybrid Surround Sound for you.
Like right now some commercials have Surround some do not, it is all in the production!

I have tried the various surround options. Sometimes I cannot even change them for some reason, it mostly just shows as STEREO and only two speaker icons(the fronts) are shown.
Again, it is not lying to you, it will only show Stereo because that is all that is there...Go to a Hybrid Surround Setting or try Dolby ProLogic, etc...
You will after a while discover where Surround is available.
I am beginning to know what TWC Channels have Surround and which ones do not, if I am on one that does not, I will choose a Hybrid Surround Setting or just use "Ext. Stereo" because then my Surrounds will come on.

Also in a Movie it may be a quiet scene with just a two people Dialog and no Surround..Then a chase scene will have a lot of Surround Activity.
Surround effect comes and goes, that is what Surround is all about!
It is for an Ambient Effect where needed and not to be abused.
If you just want your surround Speakers to stay on all the time, use "Ext. Stereo" and this turns on all of your speakers.

I get surround when playing games or watching movies. Shouldn't I be able to expect surround sound for all sources?
No...See above

Watching a bluray on PS3 doesn't use TrueHD sound codec. It wants to use PCM. Does this matter? Should I be worried about this? When/how do any of these codecs (trueHD, DTS, DTSMaster, etc) get used?
There have been many discussions about the PS3.
You have to go into it's sound settings and I think change it to Bit-Stream.
I am not sure but there is a setting in the PS3 that needs to be set.
You can check the VSX 1020 and VSX 1120 Threads because I know on the previous models this was discussed a lot!

My surround speakers, barely produce any sound for most inputs. Should they be louder?
That's a tough question because per "Surround Program Material" the Surrounds will be louder and softer...because again it is for an effect as if you were in the room..a Chase or action segment it will be louder than creeping through a haunted house...

The MCACC initial Setup and Speaker Distance is important..Also the placement of the Reference Mic is critical for the initial Setup!
I used a tripod and placed the Mic by where I sit.
In my bedroom I put it in the middle of my Bed in a mini tripod on top of my VSX 1020 box. It wants a hard Surface to work off of.

I hope that this helps you out.
I think a lot of it is for you to understand what Surround is all about and that it is a very subjective effect from program to program and how they ( the Production Company) meant for their Surround effect to play into their production! It is a Highlight and discretionary to each production.

Good Luck and enjoy..Your probably a few tweaks away!

Bud B
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Bud B

I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of issues. I want to hook up my satellite to my receiver via toslink. I hooked up an optical cable from the output of the satellite to the optical input 1, labeled TV/SAT, but didn't get any sound. I went to the input setup on the receiver, but it doesn't let me choose optical digital input. The input on the receiver is labeled TV/SAT.

The only option for TV/SAT is HDMI and it cannot be changed.
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Hi CobelAli,

A few quick questions...

What kind of connection did you make from your Satellite Box and into the receiver for Video?
I see that you are trying to use the Optical 1 input for Audio.
Does your Satellite box not have an HDMI Out for Audio & Video?

For my TWC (Time Warner Cable) box, I just use HDMI Out to HDMI In 2 on my E-52.

Satellite always advertises that it has the most "Digital HD" channels over Cable, etc...

Explain a bit more on the actual connection that you want to use for your Satellite Box.

There is a note on the Input Select Assignment page that assignments cannot be assigned with HDMI Control "ON"
If it is ON try turning it OFF.
Look on page 28 Section 4, Basic Setup and then the "Input Function Default and Possible Settings" box, at TV/SAT under HDMI you will see a Black Dot and under that Dot you will see
if you look at the bottom of the box to "A" it states: "With Control with HDMI set to ON, Assignments cannot be Made."

I'm not sure if that is what is giving you trouble, let me know.

Bud B
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I have a ? Ok I'm getting a new ent center and I'm starting off with the panasonic tcp65ct30 and a vsx 52 but I need some kick ass speakers I'm thinking Bose acoustimass 10" series but Im herein Bose is all talk and no show so is ds speakers rite to fill up a nice sides basement? and I'm thinking of getting Panamax 11 outlet power conditioner s/p and I need help with cables I'm thinking of audioquest carbon hdmi as u see I want a kick ass ent center with apple tv,ps3,27" iMac (summer2011),TiVo premiere XL plus,harmony 900 remote,Hp envy 100 all-In-one printer,airport extreme base station, but if my speakers are not rite it's going to be a waste of money can someone help me out I got to get it rite the first time and thinking about the iPad3
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turn to page 47 of your manual and set Control with HDMI to OFF like Bud B said above.

Then you can go into your menu settting and the change TV/Sat input.

Next change Digital Input to Optical 1 and you should be set.

How is your video from the sat receiver connected? HDMI to the receiver? HDMI to the TV? Component video? If Component you should now be able to change that setting too.
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Thanks for the information. This is a satellite to receive international channels. I'm using a composite cable for video and toslink for audio. I'll try changing the HDMI control tonight when I get home.

Can you also me with the HDMI "Standby Through?" Sometimes I just want to watch the news and I don't need the sound system. Is there a way to have the unit pass the HDMI signal to my TV when it's in standby mode? I changed the standby mode from ECO to NORMAL and control mode to ALL, but still can't get a signal when the receiver is off.
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This is my quibble with the mid range Elite's: You cannot re-assign inputs with HDMI Control on. So, if you want to return sound to the TV, your stuck with the default routing of inputs.

Unless I'm missing something?
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Hi all,
The replacements for the Elite SC35 & the Elite SC37 are out.
No prices yet..and when they do come out they will be out of my League but what the heck...Have a Look..

They are the SC55 and SC57 respectively!

Link Here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PU...eivers.Compare

SC55 Brochure: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ep...le%20Sheet.pdf

SC57 Brochure: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/ep...le%20Sheet.pdf

SC55 & SC57 Operators Manual: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/St...ions060711.pdf

Bud B
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Can you also me with the HDMI "Standby Through?" Sometimes I just want to watch the news and I don't need the sound system. Is there a way to have the unit pass the HDMI signal to my TV when it's in standby mode? I changed the standby mode from ECO to NORMAL and control mode to ALL, but still can't get a signal when the receiver is off.

Originally Posted by BruceOrlando View Post

This is my quibble with the mid range Elite's: You cannot re-assign inputs with HDMI Control on. So, if you want to return sound to the TV, your stuck with the default routing of inputs.

Unless I'm missing something?

Since he has a satellite receiver which is connected with a composite cable and optical for audio, HDMI control has no effect for him. It only works with HDMI devices and he's using composite video for his sat receiver.
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Help me out this is gray23black about the speakers
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Hi gray23black,

Myself, I am not that familiar with speakers enough to give you a good response.
You may want to go to this section of the Forum that discusses all things "Speakers"


Good luck,

Bud B
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Thanks bud b
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Has anyone ever had an issue where their Pioneer reciever reverts back to stereo when streaming Zune HD content via Xbox 360? I double checked the source and it is indeed 5.1. Any thoughts? Just picked up a new VSX-52 and not sure where to go from here. Problem with the unit?
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Hi Stattico,


reverts back to stereo when streaming Zune HD content via Xbox 360?

First thing I would ask is what happens when you stream Zune HD content without the Xbox 360?

Secondly, I would think that just like the PS3 and it's necessary settings there are settings that need to be set with the Xbox 360.
However I do not have a Xbox 360 or a Zune.

Hopefully someone with a setup like yours will Post.

Good Luck,
Bud B
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Hi all,

Well, I have been thinking and thinking about the Elite VSX 53 and with the arrival of the new SC55 and SC57,
along with the fact that I could never rationalize spending an extra $800.00 to buy a SC55, I thought that hey, I could at least get to the top of the Elite VSX line..LOL!
Ya know rationalization is a B-tch!
I think that ever since I got the E52 I have been trying to rationalize going to the Elite VSX 53 and spending the extra $200.00
I'd rationalize that Hey, I have a BB 36 month's same as cash no Interest plan and the E53 is just an extra five dollars a month!
Full Bandwidth, 2nd HDMI (I can use that someday right!) Etc... Etc.. it even cracks me up LOL!

So not knowing it last night when I went to bed, but when I awoke this morning the above hit me (I think that I was on the Crapper, those are times of deep thought! LOL!)
I said to myself, I'm going to get the Elite VSX 53 today!
I boxed up my E52, put it in my car and then after work I went to the only Best Buy in my area (showed On-Line) that had an Elite VSX 53, they did and I exchange my E52 for a new E53..
Driving away thinking, "Ahhh the Joy of it All!

I just finished setting it up and doing the MCACC.
The E53 has an extra step in the MCACC Process and that is the: Full Band Phase Control / Group Delay
It's Kinda neat, little chirps come out of the speakers.
I also set my Mic in a different place this time, my main chair is a recliner so I pulled it out and with a tripod I placed the Mic exactly where my head would normally be.
Pressed start on the MCACC and left the room.
It set the Crossover to 150Hz so I set it to 80Hz

I also noticed (with the E52) that when I turned on my HTPC and I had HDMI Control ON, my picture would shake around on my Kuro..
I Turned HDMI Control OFF and my Computer screen on my Kuro was OK..
But with the E53 I was almost going to shut off HDMI Control before turning on my HTPC and then I just thought, what the heck, I'll just leave it ON and see what happens,
well, my Computer came up without any picture problems.
So that was weird!

I have not used the second HDMI Out yet.

So, anyway, I thought that I'd share...

Bud B
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After looking around, I finally took the plunge and got the 52. I am really happy with it... although I have never felt more inept - as I tried to get the HDMI pass through to work. The manual could have included a little better explanation for folks not living in the AV world.
I finally figured out the obvious - that every device (cable box, blu-ray, TV) needed to have HDMI "on" but even then, for some reason, the pass through turns off if my blu-ray turns off, even if I am really only using the HDMI pass through to watch TV without waking up the whole house... so I currently keep the blu-ray "on" so I can just watch TV. Go figure.

As for the MACC (?), for someone who has never seen such a speaker set-up feature before, I thought it was really cool. Thanks to that feature, I am sure my neighbors will soon be really annoyed with my stadium level music and football broadcasts.

But figuring it all out is 10X more fun than work.
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Bud.. can you post a pic or two of that snazzy aluminum front?
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Sorry to revive a dead thread here, but I was wondering if someone could explain the difference between the Full Band/Plus phase control on the VSX-53 and just the Plus that comes with the VSX-52. I have JBL Monitor 70's for my FL/FC/FR/RL/RR speakers. I also have a dual subwoofer setup with one in the front of my room and one in the back. (Room is 20x15 with vaulted ceiling) Would this option be worth the extra $200 or am I just going to be wasting the money?
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I just installed my new vsx-53, works great. When I listen to "tuner" and pandora thru my TiVo , I no longer see that the sub is getting used. The sub works fine for tv shows that are hd, how do I get the sub to be used for the radio and pandora feeds? Thanks
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ensure that your speakers are set to "small"...
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How do I do that?
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in the setup menu... look in your manual... i've found that if you download the manual from the pioneer website, it can be easier to search...

since you are asking that question... i have one for you... did you run mcacc?
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Yes, setup the mic and ran it
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ok, good... it should have prompted you to do a parameter check after you ran it, where it would have showed you your speakers settings...

i don't remember right off the top of my head the menu structure for the avr, but download the manual and search for "small", you should be able to find what you need to change there...

keep in mind that setting your speakers to "small" is in no way impugning their manhood, it merely means "engage bass management"...
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Thank you for your quick help. All set
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I just got a Pioneer VSX-53 as my AV receiver and can't wait to get everything hooked up but quickly ran into some snags and could really use some help (manual and forum hunting has not yielded anything actionable yet)
sound directly via TV: any tips or hints as to how we can get sound directly via TV speakers instead of surround just using our HDMI cable? This is how we had it using the Directv receiver, only the HDMI cable was hooked up to the TV.

I have Pioneer Elite PRO 1150HD and have a Directv HR-24. Currently i have it hooked up via HDMI and Optical out from Directv receiver to the AV Receiver (HDMI Input 1 and Optical Input 1, respectively.) There is another HDMI cable (HDMI Output 1) from AV receiver to the TV (HDMI input 4.) I have tried to setup the AV Receiver as both CONTROL box as well as just straight HDMI input, either case, i am unable to get sound directly over the TV speakers. I have tried going to the TV's control menu and setting sound to come over PDP which does turn on sound for a couple of seconds but then the receiver powers off! Please note the TV speakers are directly hooked up to TV and to the receiver so not sure why it powers off. any tips or hints?
related to above note: i thought that the VSX-53 is supposed to support HMDI video bypass (at least that's what i think the feature is called) whereby, you don't have to have your receiver on and yet get Directv to push audio-video to the TV...any tips on how I can enable that?

while waiting to get my Paradigm speakers to show up i was wondering I can hook up an old set of cambridge sound works computer speakers that i have from a few years ago? I have been unable to find the impedance for these speakers and wasn't sure if it was too to risk hooking them (sorry a newbie question )

thank you so much for checking out the post and in case you have any suggestions.
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just got a Pioneer VSX-53 and hooking that up to Direct TV and Kuro via HDMI IN 1 and HDMI OUT 1, respectively. Running into a few snags and hoping that someone here can provide some tips and hints:
-- I have managed to enable Control such that when I turn on the TV, it passes on the signal to power on the receiver.
-- the receiver turns on with HDMI as input (since it was powered off in that state) but then changes to TV/DVD as input automatically :-(. I have to manually then change it back over to HDMI 1 and to get back to the TV signal. I have read through the manual and have tried the usual web searches but have not discovered a way to retain the last input upon power on or setting HDMI 1 as default. I am probably missing something in the configuration and could really use some help before the family rebels on me for "breaking the TV" :-)
-- the other snag is with the Sub-woofer - no sound. It is a passive Cambridge Soundsworks sub that i have connected to Sub 1 (and tried sub 2.) In the manual speaker config and made sure that i have selected front left and right as small and ensure that there is a sub enabled. But no sound...any ideas to try out?

thank you so much in advance and really look forward to some suggestions.

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Can i plug my components into my Sharp LC-70LE735u and run the hdmi 1 as the Audio return channel to my Pioneer VSX-53 ... when i try this I get no sound... i searched the net and found them to be compatible, I am using all hdmi 1.4 cables...
I previously had a Denon 4308-ci and never had to change my settings to allow video and sound to pass thru when in standby mode, on the Pioneer I have to change the pass thru setting to allow me hear anything on my tv.. is this correct...
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My 1st Forum Post ever.... believe in the right section...

Home Theater :
Pioneer Elite VSX-53 receiver (replaced the Yamaha RX-663)
Yamaha NS-777 Mains as of 2/23/13

Yamaha NS-555 Mains (now the Rear Surrounds)

Yamaha YST-SW315 10" 250 Watt Powered Subwoofer - as of 12/2012

                                                Yamaha NS-333 Rear Surrounds (retired)
Polk Audio F/X 300i Side Surround

Yamaha NSC-444 Center Channel replaces JBL Studio Series S Center Channel Speaker (retired)
JBL N24 Front Height Speakers
Sony DVP-CX995V 400 CD/DVD disc player Requires firmware update due to Pioneer VSX-53 & LG 43LV5500 42" HDTV use the new VIDEO format called x.v. Color feature (XVYCC Color enhancement)
Magnavox NB500MG1F C Blu-Ray/DVD player
Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD player
LG 42LV5500 42" Class LED Backlit LCD HDTV
PC Running Windows 7 Media Player with ASUS HD 5450 HDMI Video card & Media Center


For 2-Channel listening:


PC Audio files through Squeezebox, then through Carver 400-X Amp outputting to the Yamaha NS-1000M speakers.  Something I can live with.

1st Day Installation:
Sony DVP-CX995V 400 CD/DVD disc player refuses to display video or Audio with HDMI from player to Pioneer HDMI DVD #5 input - previously worked with HDMI to 1x4 switch into Yamaha Video in, tried turning off HDMI "Control" off, didn't work. Just got fed up and ran Component in and digital audio in - got Video/Audio now. Firmware update required on the Sony DV_-CX995V due to newer devices useing x.v.Color feature. http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/news-item.pl?mdl=DVPCX995V&news_id=194. Which explains why you get no picture using HDMI out from Sony.

Interesting FIND - Best Buy forgot to include the MIC for use with MCACC setup so, I tried my Yamaha MIC, sounded good. Received the missing Pioneer MIC the next day and then ran through the MCACC again, the Audio lost it's luster, didn't sound as good as the day before. Packed the Pioneer MIC away, used the Yamaha MIC re-ran MCACC and whoola great sound was back.

Biggest struggle is wrapping my head around this concept with the Front Height Speakers. Had two extra JBL's in back room on Stanus stands that raise up to 43" and decided they would work for FHL & FHR, reconfigured the Speaker settings to include and re-ran he MCACC again. This is what I cannot grasp, during the MCACC setup the speakers kicked out Audio during the 10 tests yet during playback of Blu-Ray movie not a peep of Audio sound from either speaker.
Page 12 in manual [A] 7.2 channel surround system (front height) - Speaker System setting: normal (SB/FH). It is not possible to produce sounds simultanously from front height or front wide speakers and the surround back speakers. This sound system produces a more true-to-life sound from above. --- HOW by some Voodoo Magic? Really, does it create Virtual sound from the Front Main towards the Front Height expanding the Surround?
Can someone explain how this is achieved and what exactly is going on because two speakers do not produce an audible audio from them FHL/FHR?

WELL finally figured this out see http://www.avsforum.com/t/1396279/front-height-speaker-listening-with-pioneer-elite-vsx-53#post_21694555 posting.


Cavat to Front Height speakers subject:  page 12 of "The System Setup and Other Setup menus" under Speaker System setting section #3 where it states more or less that the 5.1 sound is heard from the side and is also mixed with the surround back speakers so that the surround sound is heard from diagonally to the rear as it should be - which might explain partially why I get 7.1 audio sound when using 5.1 source.


Additional info which might help to understand:

For 5.1 to 7.1-Front_Height expansion, DPLIIz looks likes it will have two different effects depending on the nature of the input material:

  • For 5.1 source material deliberately coded with front height content [and Dolby says it will teach game developers how to do this], DPLIIz will extract Front Height speaker content [somewhat analogous to the way analog decoders unscrambled matrixed 2 channel into L/C/R/Rear]; I guess that will be mostly discrete, and have low crosstalk versus other surround channels.
  • For 5.1 source material NOT specifically coded with front height content, DPLIIz will infer Front Height speaker content; I'd guess that the results will be hit-or-miss - like they are if you apply DPLIIx to (say) 2 channels CDs. If the results suck, go back to 5.1, or if you have 9 speakers attached, try DPLIIx(Movie) or DPLIIx(Music).




1st attempt to connect the HDMI from the PC into Pioneer HDMI #1 made my PC Monitor go blank, had to disconnect and my Monitor display returned. Will try again later.

Everything considered it's worth the upgrade in just Audio. Will attempt the iPod connections and re-visit the PC connection later on this week.


Hope the updates to original forum posting help for anyone else who may have encountered the same problems or didn't understand the how the Front Height Speakers work.

Edited by jammincapt - 3/26/13 at 4:20pm
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I recently bought a Pioneer Elite VSX-52 used and it didn't come with a remote. Does anyone know the part number for the remote so I can order one?


Coach Ernie
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