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I feel dumb. I have a Toshiba 56H80 RPTV. I have looked through a lot of walkthroughs for adjusting the geometry of Toshiba TVs. The ones I have seen say that once you get into service mode, to use the "TV/Video" button on your remote to cycle through the internal test patterns. Maybe different Toshiba TVs have this button, but I do not have a "TV/Video" button on my remote. The closest thing I have is a "TV/VCR" button, but that seems to have no effect. And yes, I have unplugged all cables inputting into Video1, the input I'm trying to use. Is there something I am missing to access these internal patterns for my particular TV? Help! I want to tweak this thing, but I'm stuck. I would like to mess with correcting the overscan before I start messing with the convergence.