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Suddenly I'm getting 2 Philly stations in Baltimore!  

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It's been 3-4 weeks since the last time I effectively did a channel scan on my SIR-T150 STB, from my location about 25 miles NW of Baltimore. I just did a check this evening, and much to my surprise found that I'm suddenly out of nowhere getting a pretty good signal on both UHF channels 42 and 64.

I had no idea what these were since I'd never seen them before, and it turns out 42 is 29-1 WTXF-DT (Fox) and 64 is 6-1 WPVI-DT (ABC) - both from Philly. I've checked this out numerous times since I got my STB back in January, and now suddenly I'm getting these two stations loud & clear. Bizarre.

Anybody else in the Baltimore area suddenly getting these channels where they didn't before? Did these two stations recently crank up their power, or could it be the trees/leaves? The wild thing is that I picked them up with the rotor on my ChannelMaster 4248 (w/7775 preamp) pointed SE toward Baltimore, NOT NE toward Philly.

I'm not complaining, just very surprised.
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I just did a map check.

I was impressed before about being able to pick up almost all the Washington DC stations from about 50 miles out.

These two Philly stations are coming in loud & clear from about 100 miles away. Cool.

I just wish I could pull in ANY PBS station from ANYWHERE. Maybe it's time for them to change the 9V batteries they're driving their transmitters with.
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This is why

You might try swinging your antenna south and seeing what shows up out of Virginia :)
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This time of year there are lots of temperature inversions in this area in the morning and evening. This allows reception of UHF stations within 100-150 miles of your site. Sometimes this can go on for hours.

HDTV skip is an interesting hobby. Scan any evening when fog is a possibility. Also look on your analog UHF channels. If you see activity on channels you're not used to, it's time to scan for HDTV skip.

From here in Sykesville, I can regularly get Philly and Norfolk.

Happy hunting.

Lee Schuman
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That's what I posted earlier.

There's also this (Convective Inhibition) (and use the link at the bottom to back up a level and there is a loop available, too)
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Hey Hampster,
For PBS try pointing due north for channel 33, uh I mean 36-1 out of Harrisburg, PA. I have a friend in Hanover, PA that can get it loud and clear.
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Last Nov 7th while Dxing to the east from here I logged Ch15 WLYH in Lancaster.I didn't look at my maps at the time,just figured it was somewhere in western Pa.Little did I know,I was only 60 miles from Philly and didn't even attempt to work all those stations!

I'll know better next time!

Greensburg-Lancaster 482mi.
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i picked up fox philadelphia analog the other day on my 2 and a half inch casio. i have trees blocking the NE of my antenna, but I was able to pull in the analog stations WMDT and WBOC in Salisbury and Dover. Also FYI there is WMPT-DT PBS on 42 also. I can get that on occasion, it is broadcasting at low power out of Annapolis. I also used to beable to get WETA-DT out of Washington but they are currently not broadcasting.
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