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diy buying guide

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What is the best diy prisms to buy? I have been reading lately about diy prisms and would like to build some and would like to know if the surplushed are still the best diy prisms to buy?


Also where is the best and easiest plans to build by?
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They are optically coated, but are physically small and not corrected for CA or astigmatism.
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They are small as CAVX points out as well as the the other issues he mentions. If that's not a deal breaker then I would say yes they are probably one of the better solutions for DIY. Throw distance will matter with these prisms, my projector is at about 14' from the screen and this allows for about 1/3 of my zoom range to be usable with the prisms in place.

As far as a case, you can find various DIY examples out there if you search. The thread here has what I did which has worked out nicely with easy latch access. Final product on page 7. Also at the beginning of the thread I linked some dimensional drawings that may aid you in making your own case. If I recall correctly I had to shrink the case/lens template on a copier by 10% to make it the right size.

Good luck
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Thank you so much. I have no projector just getting started. I am going to build the prisms then decide on a projector.
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Once you build the lens you are going to want a projector fast!! Maybe someone you know has a projector to test out on.

Just note when you are ready to test (in case you do it table top) that the lens needs a little downward tilt to aid in squaring up the picture and eliminate what looks like keystone effect.
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Will the vivtek qumi work with the surplus shed prisms?

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If the throw is long enough.
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Would it be bright enough?

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I do not care about brightness. I have a 100% black room not light. I only want around 10 to a max of 12 ft lamberts of light or it hurts my eyes.

I think the qumi should fit the bill perfectly.
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