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Need a Projector for Everyday Use. Suggestions?

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I currently use a CRT TV 36" for what I call junk viewing, and my Panny 900 for movie time.

I would like to ditch the big heavy TV, and just use a projector. Also, the Panny is around 1700 hours, so it's time to at least consider a replacement.

I would like to use the projector, pretty much like our regular TV. I have read about the Epson 8350, great reviews, and a guess of 4000 hours of bulb life at low setting. That's the company's estimate.

Would this be a good unit for TV-like usage? I'll explain:

With the TV, it's turned on/off fairly often. Most projectors don't like that type of abuse, so I have been told.

It would rack up the hours faster than my current Panny projector, just because this would be my only monitor.

I don't want 3D, we play some games, such as Wii, but not much else. Just boob tube and movie night.

Any thoughts would be helpful. I want to keep the cost low-ish, and I am still a little worried about DLP (I used to see heavy rainbows, although that's years ago).

Thank you, Tom.
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We've been very happy with our 8350 for daily usage. We use it for gaming, TV and movies. It works well with some ambient light and is outstanding at night. Lens shift gives you great flexibility when deciding on placement and it has decent zoom too.
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I know this is the digital forum, but you may want to look for a used CRT projector. You can find them pretty cheap on eBay, CL or look up Curt Palme. He's the CRT guru. Most will run 10k hours before needing to replace the tubes. And the couple that I have owned have been built like tanks. I bought one to hang in the garage to watch games and stuff while "working" out there.

Downside of course is that they are bigger than your digital. But it would be a good cheap way to get a long lasting pj.
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Every day use to replace a TV, I would look at this: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1307577 In a few days another owner will be receiving his CRE projector. I would wait until he gets his and reports what he thinks since he has owned many projectors.
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You'll want to look at something with long bulb life, and relatively inexpensive bulbs. For a 1080p projector, you may want to consider the Mitsubishi HC4000.

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one of the new 300-500lumen led pj,s (dlp and colorwheel less) 720p might work for you.
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I'd throw in the casio line also, instant on/off, great with ambient light, long lasting. I use it for my daily viewing xj-a240.
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After a few more weeks of use I like my LG HS 201 even more. If you can tolerate a small screen size (80"), semi dark room viewing, small/cool/quiet form factor, no bulb replacement (if you can believe the spec's), no light tunnel collapses, no color wheel noise and eventual self destruction (my experience), none of the historic bad viewing effects (in my short experience), color saturation that rivals old Kodachrome slides (if you are old enough to know what that means ) and a price/warranty that will make you smile. Regards.
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I would buy either the new 300 lumen qumi LED DLP projector or if you need a little more brightness and can wait a month or two get one of the new 500 lumen LED DLP Optoma, Viewsonic, or Acer clones. These will be great for HDTV viewing as they have LED lifespans of 20,000 hours so no bulb to ever replace and you can turn on/off with quick startup and not worry about that hurting it either. Then save your money and buy a 1080p bulb based projector for your movie viewing until they make affordable 1080p LED projectors.

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What about 720p projectors? Or do you want 1080p?
What about aspect ratio? Any preference?
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