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Didn't know about this thread at all and found it by mistake. I ordered 3 seats from 4Seating a couple of months ago and all went well except for the LED lights that looks so cool at the bottom front of the chair. The started turning themselves on without any help. I contacted 4Seating and was given a few suggestions but none worked. After that I sent two e-mails and none of them have been answered. I'm going to call them this morning to see what gives. Other wise I have no complaints with 4Seating.
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I placed an order for 8 Seatcraft Venetian on thanksgiving weekend 2013. Free power upgrade was included. I ordered online but called because I wanted one single seat in the arrangement and that wasn't an option online. I spoke to Alex and he was helpful. Throughout the process we emailed about 24 times. Seats shipped out on 12-18. Alex said there was a delay because my one row had a duel love seat arrangement and they needed to modify a seat to make that work. Also they charged more per seat for the love seat arrangement. My estimated delivery date was 12-27. I noticed my chairs arrived at the terminal a city over from me on 12-26 and sat there for a week. Alex recommended I call Bullet, which I did. After a ton of back and forth with Bullet my chairs arrived a couple weeks later in excellent condition. One thing I didn't like with the seats, they didn't connect together with a bracket system. So I called 4seating and they sold me brackets which were pricey at $30 a pair and I needed 5 pairs. Ricky helped with this order and he was super helpful. In all for the price I'm extremely happy with the purchase thus far. Some of these negative reviews are people with really low post counts, kinda makes me wonder. So far I would by again from 4seating. Just plan on 1.5-2 months for delivery and all should be good.
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I know this is my first post, but I found this site when I was deciding where to order my theater seats.  I was very leery about 4seating.com after reading this thread, but took a leap of faith and ordered my seats 10 days ago.


I have to say I have been MORE than pleasantly surprised.  The chairs we ordered were $150 less than anything we could find comparable.  They shipped in two days, as promised, and we received them yesterday...nine days from order to delivery!!


The chairs were in excellent condition, and were exactly what we expected...good buy for the money and excellent customer service from 4seating.com


I will also add...our set up is a little different.  We are fulltime RVer's and dimensions were VERY important to us, as we have a very limited space and the chairs needed to be exactly as described.  They were and we are very happy with our choice!


If I could figure out how to get the pics off my phone to my computer I will post here...

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I ordered 4 of the Seatcraft 12006 seats last Monday 2/24.  I ordered by phone because I wanted to check their inventory and know what to expect.  I ordered brown manual seats but received a call back Tuesday that they only had 3 brown seats but offered black with power at no extra charge.  That worked fine for me since it saved $400 and these also included the under seat lighting.  they shipped as they told me on Wed. and delivered on Friday with no problems at all.  By Sat. we had them installed and ready to go.  I was a little worried with all of the bad reviews I had read but my experience was great.  To order on Monday and deliver on Friday was better than expected and the seats work great. 

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