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Remote/DVR Help

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I have my components in a nearby closet -
I recently picked my new DVR from Comcast and it is the RNG200N. I have a Universal remote MX-450 and a MRF-260 station with emitters. No matter where I put the emitter, I cannot get the DVR to respond to the commands. So, I picked up a 3.5mm a/v wire (mono) and used it in place of the flasher and plugged into the back of the DVR in the "IR" plugin and no response. I noticed that when I did plug in there, it seemed to override the IR sensor on the front as the box would not respond at all to any controller pointed at it.

So, I am at a loss. What little I know has been learned after the past few days of researching. I was excited to finally get a newer DVR but now I am upset I have to go to the closet to use it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Does it respond to the remote directly via IR?

I just looked up the image of your DVR and guide. It would seem that the entire front of the DVR is a plastic IR window but you need to determine exactly where the IR receiver is. You cant go by the LED lights. You can try to determine it's exact location by shining a flash light along the front of the display. On my Motorola box it looks like a circle within a bunch of little circles within it.

Also the IR port probably only works with their dedicated IR adapter, I have a couple of basic Pace adapters and they came with the IR receiver to connect in the 3.5mm jack, however the receiver itself would not work with other devices and other receivers would not work with the pace boxes.

Good luck.
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Thanks...I did look at the DVR's manual to see where the IR receiver/led is and it's a little circle next to the "select" buttton....it still did not respond to my flasher.

There has got to be someone else running into the same problem or an alternative.

I wonder if it would be possible to get an IR extender for the dvr...then attach the flasher to it...?

I called Universal Remote and they were no help.
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and YES if I point the remote directly at the dvr...it works great no problem but, it does not respond to the flasher...
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FWIW, my brother controls the RNG200N with the supplied remote using the Next Generation remote extender....not sure if it would work with the MX-450 or if you'd even want to consider it since you've already invested in the MRF-260 base station. (For the record, I've also used the NG remote extender successfully with several different remotes to control a variety of components).

Just curious, did the MX-450/MRF-260 combo work with the previous cable box?
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Oh yeah, the previous cable box worked fine with the MRF 260. It was several years old (dvr), that is why I replaced it.

I simply replaced the box, stuck the emitter from the old dvr to the new dvr and the new drv will not recognize the signal from the emitter. I just thought if I added the extender (which will remain in the closet because it is not in the same room) and I will put the emitter on the extender.
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Were you ever able to get the MX-450 to work with the RNG200? Just got my new box from Comcasr.
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I have the MX780 remote and the RNG200N. Just picked up the DVR yesterday and I am having the same issue. Any luck so far?
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